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With Google frequently updating its algorithms and SEO being a complex world to break into, you might think that PPC advertising is the right way for your business. In many situations, for many companies, this is true, with only one problem: PPC looks simple, but it still has a lot of depth. Many techniques for PPC can help you get a much better return on investment.

If you were against hiring an SEO agency, it’s understandable you’d feel the same way towards a PPC agency, and you might be thinking of testing the waters to see if you can do it yourself in-house. Novi. Digital wants what works best for you and supports you in this endeavour, so we offer training courses for London-based companies that want to do their PPC in-house, as well as answers to all those questions you must have. Here are some we get asked a lot:

  • My paid ads are doing fine already. Why do I need someone to train me?
  • How will PPC training help my business’s paid advertising?
  • Will your methods be suitable for my team?
  • What are the costs?
  • What does that cover?

My paid ads are doing fine already. Why do I need someone to train me?

If you are already seeing success from your paid advertising campaign, hiring someone to train you may seem like a waste. Depending on how well you’re doing, this might even be true. Novi. Digital training isn’t just about setting up ads but will also teach you how to improve campaign targeting, click-through rates, conversion rates and measuring return on investment. If you feel like you’re already doing all of this and getting the best ROI possible, then it’s possible you don’t need our help.

For most companies, though, extra guidance is always a good idea. Whether you’re new to PPC or consider yourself a pro, there’s always something to improve. Through years of experience managing successful campaigns for our clients, we have learned much about PPC, which we now want to pass on to you. With expert advice, you’ll learn things about paid advertising you never realised were possible.

How will PPC training help my business’s paid advertising?

Paid advertising is a great way to get traffic to your web page, but when it’s not done well, this traffic can cost you a lot of money. Ultimately, the conversions you gain from poor quality PPC might not have given you enough revenue to have been worth it if you earn any income.

A well-structured, focused PPC campaign can lower the initial investment, more likely to see success, or both, making your returns much more lucrative. Knowing the ins and outs of paid advertising, the specifics of how to make a campaign worthwhile and perhaps even when to give up on an approach are just a few things that Novi does. Digital can teach you.

Will your methods be suitable for my team?

Every business, every industry and every team are very different, so even between two seemingly similar companies, completely different methods and approaches may be called for. What works for one team might not work for yours, but another technique will. If you have a very technically-minded squad, they might enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty of how AdWords works, while a more creative team might prefer to focus on creating landing pages that convert.

Of course, being able to do all of this to the best of your ability is what makes a PPC campaign most successful, but it’s always good to play to your strengths. Novi. Digital wants to know your strengths so we can teach you the techniques that will most benefit your team and see you succeed.

What are the costs?

Our pricing is completely bespoke and tailored to the company for which we provide training. Please feel free to speak to our trainers to obtain a quote for PPC training for your team.

Extra costs may also be payable, depending on specific circumstances, but we will always inform you beforehand if necessary.

What does that cover?

A PPC training session will cover:

  • Face-to-face training from an experienced PPC professional;
  • Google AdWords, Product Listing Ads, Remarketing and any other relevant platforms;
  • Broad, phrase and exact match search terms;
  • Geo-locational targeting;
  • A compelling call to action;
  • Ad extensions;
  • Landing page optimisation;
  • Analytics and measurement of ROI;
  • Your specific queries and concerns

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