Programmatic Advertising Services

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What Are Programmatic Advertising Services?

Programmatic advertising is an efficient method to get your business’s advertising in front of the best people for you to market to. With a traditional advertising campaign, you have to locate sites to advertise on, negotiate for advertising space, and so on. Programmatic advertising cuts out the hassle by automating many of these steps with software. Programmatic advertising uses algorithms to identify the best sites for your business to advertise on. Once identified as a lucrative lead, ad space is automatically bought. By doing so, your business saves time, and that’s only the first advantage of this sort of service!

The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

  • Programmatic ads allow you to target your intended audience more precisely.
  • They are more efficient than other methods, ensuring better engagement for your investment.
  • A programmatic advertising campaign can be tailored to the specific data of your business.
  • Our advertising services are optimised for Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other major sites.

In the past, when you ran marketing efforts such as banner display campaigns, the actual results could be rather hit-and-miss. Success tended to hinge on identifying the audience demographics of a particular website. (Information which wasn’t always easy to access or interpret.) That meant businesses had to spend a lot of time researching, and that’s before you even get to negotiating for ad space. It also meant that companies had to be very cautious with their digital ad budgets, for fear of directing their ads to the wrong audience.

Our programmatic advertising services use algorithms to maximise your ad campaigns effectiveness. We use both automated and manual processes to build a marketing strategy to display your adverts in the best possible locations. That means a higher likelihood of maximising customer engagement. It also means you don’t need to gamble on site viability or waste time negotiating for ad space. Finally, of course, it means better budget management, ensuring that what your spending equates to actual results.

What Are the Benefits of Programmatic Advertising?

One of the key factors which sets programmatic advertising services apart from other services is its use of data. Most traditional types of online advertising focus on keywords and demographics. These are valuable sources of information, of course, but programmatic advertising allows us to be a lot more precise. With it, we can target specific customer interests, likely behaviour, purchasing history, and more.

To put this into context, a typical advertising campaign might, for instance, target male students. However, with programmatic advertising, we can target specific male students who have purchased products like yours before, and who live in the vicinity of your business. By targeting your adverts at a more niche audience like this, there’s a much higher likelihood that customers will show interest.

The other major benefit of programmatic advertising is how campaigns can adapt to new data. If you set up an advertising campaign using this service, then the methods by which it targets consumers will grow more precise as the platform identifies the most efficient strategies. If your ads are doing well amongst a certain demographic, the platform can recognise that. It can then adapt to focus more on those sorts of people. This serves to make programmatic advertising one of the most efficient digital marketing methods currently available.

Can You Trust an Advertising Service Based on Algorithms?

If programmatic advertising services were fully automated, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be effective every time. That’s why we use programmatic advertising platforms in conjunction with our own team’s strategic expertise to optimise your advertising campaigns. This sort of campaign doesn’t remove humans from the process entirely. Rather, it allows for much more efficient time management. Thanks to the automation of various important steps which previously would have required time to manage, our team can focus much more on planning and fine-tuning your ad strategy.

At the end of the day, programmatic advertising services are proven to be highly effective. You don’t need to take our word for it either. Since its introduction, this sort of service has become the largest form of digital display advertising in the world. In 2017, EMarketer forecast that 84% of all digital display ad spend that year would go toward programmatic advertising; a total of almost $33 billion. The forecast also showed that programmatic direct purchases of ad space were overtaking real-time bidding. 56% of all purchases were programmatic, while only 44% were still done through bidding.

More recently, EMarketer’s latest projections have programmatic ad spending rising to encompass 87.5% of all digital display ad spending by 2021. In fact, they also project the actual spending on all digital display ads to reach $81 billion. (Almost three times the amount spent on digital display ads in 2017.) That means almost $71 billion spent on programmatic advertising, making it the clear favourite method for digital advertising in the modern age. The data is clear; programmatic advertising is the future of advertising online.

What Do Our Programmatic Advertising Services Look Like in Practice?

In practice, programmatic advertising campaigns are always carefully tailored to each individual client. Using both your data and a wide range of third-party consumer data, we can optimise your advertising campaign more efficiently than ever before. Your campaign will reach more people, and most importantly, the people it reaches will be more likely to engage with the ad.

As the campaign progresses, we focus on careful management and optimisation. With the platform handling automatic ad placements and other such steps, our specialists can devote their efforts to planning ahead and making sure that your ad budget is being used as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Of course, programmatic advertising campaigns are always an ongoing process. As we learn what works best, we’ll refine your campaign over time, evolving it to factor in valuable new insights.

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