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Situated in the heart of Merseyside, Birkenhead is home to many businesses designed and ready to serve a substantial metropolitan population. In any given sector of industry, competition for this large audience is vast. As we find ourselves in a world where the internet search has become one of the most common ways customers find and research the companies they need, it grows ever more important for Birkenhead businesses to look into Search Engine Optimisation.

The Rise of Local SEO and the Local Perspective

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A developing phenomenon over the past few years has been the trend in search engines of adjusting the results they give to match the searcher based on location based preferences. IP Addresses and a user’s location within their settings (if specified), amongst other factors, are used to determine where a search enquiry is coming from.
This is known in the business as “Local SEO” and adds several new ramifications and wrinkles to the business of SEO, requiring both up-to-date understanding of the mechanisms of SEO and a genuine local understanding.
As one of the leading SEO providers in the North West, Novi.Digital is ideally placed to help businesses in Birkenhead take best advantage of this phenomenon, having both the skills and the local knowledge to help you capitalise. The result? A growing share of available local business for you, continued and growing success, and a solid platform on which to build something more for the future.

Adding The Personal Touch

At Novi.Digital, we believe strongly that our clients deserve our best, and to accomplish that we work to develop personal connections as well as business links; we consider success for any of our clients to be our success, too, and we want to make sure we can achieve that.
By building and maintaining these personal links, we make sure that we know exactly what your business needs to thrive and grow, and that our efforts are concentrated very specifically on achieving those goals.
By knowing your goals so precisely, we can also review our performance according to very specific metrics, adjusting and refining our strategy over the course of our relationship with a client to capture their market precisely and steadily increase the rate at which their websites convert visitors into buyers.
Best of all, as we review our work, we’ll keep you informed as and when new trends or opportunities arise. If you find yourself suddenly poised with a chance to launch a new service offering, we’ll be there to help you put your plans into action and make that opportunity a reality.”
We’re local enough to make face to face visits easy, and we’re happy to receive you in our Lancaster head office or to travel to see you whenever you feel a meeting’s called for. The rest of the time, of course, we’re only a phone call away.

We offer potential clients a free audit of their existing site, a consultation, and a proposal, If you’re interested, call us on 01524 566 736 or send an email to [email protected]

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