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Like many North-Western towns, Burnley has spent the past few decades reorienting its business landscape from the industrial outlook of much of the twentieth century. A consumer-focused economy is emerging, but that leaves businesses in Burnley in greater need of promotional support, especially in the modern field of SEO.

Why Targeting SEO Is Important

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Search engines are designed to provide their users with results that are as close to what their users will want as possible. When someone visits your site, their behaviour is logged; if they immediately click away from the site without investigating further, what is logged is that the page isn’t all that relevant to the search that they made.
On the other hand, if the person browsing spends quite a while looking around your site, checking link after link, they log that the page and your site are very relevant and will probably be of interest to more browsers.

Obviously, this isn’t what SEO seeks to address, but it’s a good, clear illustration of why anyone with SEO experience will tell you that it’s not just about bringing visitors to the site. No, what’s wanted are the visitors who’ll find your site most useful – and conveniently, that’s where your interests run parallel with the search engines; the visitors you want on your site are the ones who’ll engage with it and potentially buy something.
That conversion from browser to customer is at the heart of modern SEO, and a strong conversion rate is as important if not more so than your site’s search rankings.

For this reason, Novi.Digital works hard to understand what demographics and regions our clients each want us to target. If we’re doing our job right, you’ll see rankings and conversion rate rise – but if we’re doing our job right, that’ll all be a secondary factor to you, because you’ll see the online side of your business become more successful, driving the company to greater heights – and that’s the goal.

A Close Relationship

Based out of Lancaster, Novi.Digital are located closely enough to make face to face calls and a personal relationship within a business connection possible for Burnley businesses.

We use that proximity to provide a deeper level of client focus – just one of the reasons we’re a leading SEO provider throughout the North West – which guarantees that our campaigns are targeted according to a combination of over a decade’s expertise and an unmatched understanding of the individual goals of your business.

It’s that individual understanding that means our services will develop and strengthen in combination with your business, and that as our analytics give us a clearer picture of your ideal customer, we’re working to help you achieve your goals rather than being set at cross-purposes without intending to.

A free consultation, audit, and proposal are available. If you’re interested in finding out more, or in booking that first consultation meeting, please do , call us on 01524 566 736 or send an email to [email protected].

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