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What is the key to successful SEO copywriting?

Having a regularly updated blog is a good idea for any business, that’s where SEO Copywriting comes in. With SEO Copywriting, you can offer your expert opinion on matters of importance, cementing your position as a knowledge expert.

Important to Note: SEO copywriting and creative copywriting are effectively the same thing!

SEO Copywriting shouldn’t be focused on keyword density. The aim of SEO copywriting is to educate, entertain and engage your audience, building trust in your brand and keeping them coming back for more. Your aim should be to improve outreach, by writing informative, unique and educational content. Just like any creative copywriting!

There are many great uses for blogs, and Novi.Digital can offer you advice on how to make the best use of the. In addition to this we can also offer you a professional SEO copywriting service to make every blog post count, either by producing it for you, or proofreading and editing your work. 

A Professional SEO Copywriting Service

As part of many of our standard SEO packages you will have access to our team of professional copywriters. Our team are experts in producing well-written content specifically for SEO and User-focused purposes. Within our team, we have copywriters who are experienced in writing for a number of industries. Our copywriters are also experts in researching new areas, so you will find the content they write for you to be informative and factually relevant.

If you prefer to produce content yourself, for reasons of technical information or otherwise, our copywriting team can also offer you a professional proofreading service. As part of this service, our team can provide advice on minor adjustments that could make your content more engaging, increasingly shareable and much more likely to result in sales.

SEO Copywriting for Fresh Content

Google’s ranking algorithms are known to be impacted by page freshness. A site or page can be designated as fresh based on a number of factors, including new content placed on your site. This is one of the reasons that having a regularly updated blog can be important; as long as your site continues receiving fresh content, it can continue to be seen as a fresh site.

Just adding new content isn’t enough, however. Since Google’s algorithms also check quality and quantity of your content, your site can suffer as a result of having poor quality content. This is where having a copywriting team writing content for you is incredibly useful, to ensure that your site is regularly updated and high quality at the same time.

SEO Copywriting for Evergreen Content

Fresh content is not the only relevant content your site may have. Ensuring that you have good quality, ‘evergreen’ content is also important. Evergreen content includes blog articles that will always remain relevant to your readers, such as introductory guides and how-to guides. Such advice is likely to remain relevant for a long time, hence the term evergreen content.

Evergreen content is designed to draw people to your site time and time again, by being helpful, informative and educational, as well as engaging and entertaining. Making sure you have content that meets all of these requirements can increase traffic to your site. This can also help to improve your brand recognition as an industry expert. Our copywriting team can help you to make the most of your evergreen content, and produce new evergreen content to last you for years to come.

SEO Copywriting for Increasing Outreach

Evergreen or fresh, people love to share good quality, informative content. When you produce a good blog article readers will share it on Facebook, Twitter, or social media platform. The result of which means you are increasing the visibility of your brand to a much larger audience. Content might get shared and shared again. Even if it doesn’t, people who do read it will recognise you as an expert in your field, building trust in your brand.

To increase outreach even further, your blogs can be written for related, high quality sites. It could be another social media platform, such as Linkedin, or a specialist blog or news site. Having your name associated with it can be another way to improve recognition of your brand. This can be a great way to create good quality inbound links and drive interested traffic to your site.

SEO Copywriting is often one of the most important aspects of SEO. This is also the one that most people get very wrong. Well written copy, created for the purposes of SEO, with strong consideration for the customer journey, will increase conversions, rankings and domain authority. Poorly written copy, created just for SEO, will diminish the customer journey, discourage transactions and can even result in penalties from Google.

How Does Copywriting Help with SEO?

SEO Copywriting can help your website in a number of ways, whether it’s inspiring visitors to want your product, encouraging conversions, creating authoritative articles or all of the above. The copy on your website can help shape the perceptions of your business and encourage specific behaviour. Most importantly, good content speaks in the style and tone that’s right for you.

Increase Relevance

You’ve probably seen it before, a website that repeats the same words over and over again without really saying anything. This process, known as ‘keyword stuffing’ was developed as a way of tricking Google into thinking that a website had a lot to say on a subject, when really the exact opposite is true. This style of content has never been of value to your customers. This is no benefit to the Google search algorithms either.

Thanks to Google’s updates, websites are now punished for ‘spammy’ content, and rewarded for creating content that is well written, informative and helpful to users. Copy that is relevant to your site and your offering can help increase rankings. More importantly, quality content will increase conversions and potentially even word of mouth.  

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is vital in the world of online marketing. Content usually has about 10 seconds to draw the reader in. If your reader is not interested in those first couple of seconds, they’re likely to leave the page. Even then, the average time spent on a page is can often be around 1 to 2 minutes. This is hardly any time at all to make a good sale. In the world of online marketing, every second counts, and so does every word.

Our copywriting team focuses on creating content that is engaging and exciting for your audience. The aim is keep visitors beyond the first 10 seconds and to keep them interested in your offering.

Encourage Conversions

For most businesses, the ultimate goal of your site is to do more than just engage the reader. The aim is to turn a visitor into a conversion. Creating engaging content is just the first step in this goal, and the second is encouraging the visitor to convert in to a sale.

Creating content that is both engaging and encourages the customer to follow a conversion path is where our copywriters excel. We focus on perfecting the balance between using calls to action (CTAs) and effective language. This helps to keep customers engaged throughout their journey and to the end goal.

SEO Copywriting

Having quality and regularly updated content is important for every business. We specialise in SEO copywriting, a form of copywriting that focuses on key phrases. This helps online content rank higher in search results and drives relevant traffic.

The aim of SEO copywriting services is to educate, entertain and engage your audience. This builds trust in your brand and keeps the visitors coming back for more. To improve outreach, you should aim to write informative and unique educational content.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we use industry-standard tools, such as, Google Analytics. This, combined with our own experience in data analysis, enables us to sit at the cutting edge of the industry. Making us experts in providing professional copywriting services.


Professional Copywriting Services


As part of our many SEO packages, you have full access to a team of skilled and professional copywriters. Our copywriters are experts in writing for many sectors. But they are also experts in researching new areas. So, you can be confident that whatever your company requires, we will be able to provide quality SEO orientated content.

If you prefer to write your own content, we also offer proofreading services. Our team can provide advice on minor adjustments which could make your content more engaging, shareable and much more likely to result in sales.



SEO Copywriting for Your Business


Our range of copywriting services could be what your website needs. With good quality content, we can help increase your website’s search engine rankings and attract relevant traffic.

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