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copy-1 - Award Winning and High Quality SEO CopywritingCopywriting is often one of the most important aspects of SEO, and also the one that most people get very wrong. Well written copy, created for the purposes of SEO and with strong consideration for the customer journey, can increase conversions, rankings and domain authority just by improving the quality of the site. Poorly written copy will diminish the customer journey, discourage transactions and manipulative copy can even result in penalties from Google which remove you from the search engine altogether.

How Does Copywriting Help?

Copywriting can help your website in a number of ways, whether it’s inspiring visitors to want your product, encouraging conversions, creating authoritative articles or all of the above. The copy on your website can help shape the perceptions of your business and encourage specific behaviour, all while speaking in the style and tone that’s right for you.

Increase Relevance

You’ve probably seen it before, a website that repeats the same words over and over again without really saying anything. This process, known as ‘keyword stuffing’ was developed as a way of tricking Google into thinking that a website had a lot to say on a subject, when really the exact opposite is true. This style of content has never been of value to your customers, and with modern changes to Google’s search algorithms, it’s of no benefit to ranking either.

Thanks to Google’s updates, websites are now punished for ‘spammy’ content, and rewarded for creating content that is well written, informative and helpful to users. Copy that is relevant to your site and your offering can help increase rankings, but more importantly will increase conversions and potentially even word of mouth, so that your website becomes known for what it offers.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is vital in the world of online marketing. Content usually has about 10 seconds to draw the reader in. If your reader is not interested in those first 10 seconds, they’re likely to leave the page. Even then, the average time spent on a page is 1-2 minutes, which is hardly any time at all to make a good sale. In the world of online marketing, every second counts, and so does every word.
Our copywriting team focuses on creating content that is engaging and exciting for your audience, to keep them beyond the first 10 seconds and get them interested in your offering.

Encourage Conversions

For most businesses, the ultimate goal of your site is to do more than just engage the reader. The aim is to turn a visitor into a conversion. Creating engaging content is just the first step in this goal, and the second is encouraging the visitor to convert rather than just read.
Creating content that is both engaging and encourages the customer to follow a conversion path is where our copywriters excel, mixing calls to action (CTAs) and converting language with quality content to keep customers engaged throughout their journey and to the end goal.

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