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salfordquaysAs with much of Greater Manchester, Salford boasts an economy in the process of revitalisation, renewing and reinventing itself for a new century. With so many new businesses and old ones pursuing new goals, Salford is poised to become a major player in many modern industries.

What’s needed to help the businesses of Salford to reach that height, more than anything else, is strong search engine optimisation (SEO).

How SEO Can Help You Rise Above the Competition

More and more these days, customers choose who to do business with not through traditional advertising but through online research, sometimes deep, and sometimes as simple as a cursory use of a search engine.
SEO is essential for both – it’s not just about being the site people find for their impulse buys, but also about showing that your site can be trusted to those who do their research; that’s another of the factors which search engine rankings take into account. The better suited your site is, the better it will survive – but that’s hardly the driving factor for rising up the rankings.

Targeted SEO and Business Goals

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for SEO; every client has individual needs, and every client will find a different combination of techniques, with a different balance between them, is best suited to them. The first thing Novi.Digital do is sit down with a new client and discuss their goals, their business, their market demographics, and their ideal customers.

With that information it’s possible to look over your website and know its strengths and weaknesses; before we can be sure of that we need a deeper understanding of the customer base you’re trying to play to.
From there we build a proposal tailored to the information you’ve given us and what we’ve learned about your website, bringing over a decade’s experience to bear on the question. Now we have your goals and ambitions for the business, we can tell what needs doing to make your website into an effective tool to help you achieve them rather than just another expensive prop.

Assuming you sign off, Novi.Digital then begins work on the proposal, staying in contact and working closely to ensure that you’re always aware of what we’re doing, what our goal is, and why we believe this course of action to be best.

The Implications of Local SEO

A developing subsystem within online searches is the rise of ‘Local SEO’, a response to the fact major search engines now adjust their rankings according to the location oi the browser performing the search.

This has made it important for many businesses – and businesses in Salford, with the growing competition of the rejuvenated economy, will mostly be among them – to strengthen the ties between their website and their physical locations.

As an experienced SEO provider in the North West, we’re perfectly placed to combine our local knowledge and our SEO understanding on your behalf to give you the edge on your competition.

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