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Why choose for SEO St Helens? Less than an hour’s drive from our Lancaster head office, your business in St Helens is in prime position to receive the personal attention which Novi.Digital offers to each and every client. We prefer to begin our business relationships with a face to face meeting, and that helps keep our focus local when that best suits our clients. We believe that that personal relationship between businesses makes us better able to help you grow and expand.


Why is Getting to Know You Important for Your SEO?

SEO St Helens

It’s important to us that the service we provide is as effective for you as it can be; your success is our success, too. To do that, we need to understand your company’s individual needs, because even in comparison to your closest competition, your goals will be different and what you need to achieve them will have changed.

That’s important to understand, and it’ll drive our work for you in more ways than one – believe it or not, talking to a client face to face, hearing what you do and what you need, is incredibly invigorating, and that energy motivates us to do the best we possibly can for you.

We want to know what you see for your future expansion, what your targets are, and how you plan to steer your business. There’s no substitute for regular contact to do that and nothing makes your passion clear to us like a face to face meeting, but once we know that, we can provide drive behind your plan. Our aim is to help to build the customer base of your company’s future. We’ll be able to propose a plan of action that sets aside all the SEO options that wouldn’t help you and pours our energy directly into the best solutions for your business – and we won’t be charging you for services that don’t help you.

Expert Advice for SEO St Helens

Novi.Digital is a company with over a decade’s experience. We’ve seen SEO develop from its infancy and we know how to keep up with and adjust to developments as they happen. In addition, our techniques as well as our understanding have been refined with time to be as effective as possible.

We focus on the end goal, and the end goal is the success of your business. The end goal is converting the people who visit your website into your customers. That’s what leads to your revenue increasing and success, so that’s our target. 


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If you want to arrange a free consultation and site audit. We’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss SEO St Helens, either at your locaiton or at our head office in Lancaster. Just give us a call on 01524 566 736 or send an email to [email protected].

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