Will We See You at the E3 Business Expo?

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novi.digital to Chair Key Panel at the E3 Business Expo

As always, 1 Events Media (1EM) have been working hard to produce the E3 Business Expo, a major business-to-business trade exhibition which runs each year in Bolton. This year the event takes place on Wednesday April 5th at the Macron Stadium.

Also taking place on the day are the prestigious E3 Business Awards, some of which we were proud to be shortlisted for last year under our old name.

Attendees at previous Expos will know that everyone comes away from the event refreshed, re-energised, and armed with more knowledge – and contacts across the industries – than ever before.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Each E3 is shaped around its keynote panel’s theme. This year the theme is ‘the Future of Digital Marketing’, with experts from around the industry lined up to take part – and chairing the panel is our own Managing Director, Aaron Crewe.

1EM’s managing director Mubarak Chati says “We’re very pleased to have pulled together a panel of experienced professionals who should be able to answer any question that’s put to them.

“The field of digital marketing is constantly changing as new technologies and platforms emerge, and this makes it particularly hard for companies to be sure that they’re using their marketing resources effectively.”

Timely Topics

Director Chati is right; digital marketing evolves rapidly, and it’s time to encourage more companies to take that into account. We’re honoured that Aaron was chosen to chair this panel. Why? Because we work hard to keep the future in mind, building long-term strategies and planning for new developments.

Our MD taking the chair role shows that the business world around us knows this.

An Active Presence

Far from focusing entirely on the panel, novi.digital will be exhibiting throughout the event and will also be presenting a workshop on the day.

We’ll be on hand to discuss and advise on SEO, CRO, email marketing, PPC advertising, website improvements and user experience. You’ll even have a chance to ask us about our services, whether for a full-service contract or our training offering.

The E3 Business Expo is a major event in our local business calendar and we’re proud to be part of it. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you there and to meeting new faces.