YouTube Ads Management

Why YouTube advertising?


The benefits of YouTube advertising are simple.

Videos are an extremely effective way to engage with an audience and get your key messages across. Historically, the only way to deliver such content was through TV advertising, which is famously expensive and out of budget for many smaller companies.

YouTube ads, however, give small and medium-sized businesses an affordable alternative to television advertising. Another benefit of YouTube advertising is the size of the audience you are able to reach. YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, behind Google. It attracts a staggering audience of over two billion visitors per month and, according to YouTube’s own statistics, one billion hours of video are watched every day on the platform.

In contrast to TV viewers, who might leave the room, change the channel or fast forward when the ads come on, a YouTube audience is engaged and understands that adverts are a part of the experience. YouTube also enables you to target adverts at specific audiences, based on their viewing preferences, location and demographic data. That means your YouTube ad can be seen by the exact people that you want to reach.

What are YouTube ads?

YouTube ads are videos that appear to people while they are watching other videos on the platform. YouTube allows you to create campaigns using different video ad formats to engage customers in different ways (both on YouTube and across video partner sites). Available video ad formats include:

– Skippable in-stream ads: These are video ads that pop up before or during the video that is being viewed. They can be any length but become skippable after five seconds, so they need to have an instant impact and a clear message.

– Non-skippable in-stream ads: These ads appear in the same way as skippable ads, before or during a video. They are not skippable, which means they must be 15 seconds or shorter so as not to be too disruptive to the overall viewing experience. Again, these ads need to be impactful and have a clear message.

– Video discovery ads: Video discovery adverts are presented as a thumbnail to customers as a search result upon a relevant search term being entered. They may also appear as a ‘related video’ alongside the content that is being viewed. The description and look of the thumbnail are key here, as the intention is for the customer to choose to click on and view the video in full.

– Bumper ads: these are non-skippable but very short ads that appear before, after or in the middle of the video that is being watched. They are 6 seconds long or less, so must be very impactful.


We are PPC specialists. YouTube has become one of the most effective forms of PPC advertising for marketers across the world, which is why we have honed our expertise in this area over 10–years.

Our agency has become an industry leader in PPC marketing. We have created software that is tailor-made for PPC, ensuring that we’re always able to accurately support and advise you on your campaign. Our digital tools enable us to utilise the right data and fully optimise your adverts.

How do we target the right audience?

Targeting the right audience is key to a successful campaign. You could have a visually impactful video and a brilliant product, but if the right people do not get to see it, you won’t get anywhere. Our software, combined with our PPC expertise, allows us to analyse what search terms people are using and which audiences should be targeted for each campaign. The ongoing analysis of complex data is a constant process, which is where our experience and expertise are so important.

What is an audience?

‘Audience’ is a term used to define people who are grouped together based on certain demographics, interests or viewing history. Audiences are created with Google algorithms and can be grouped by all sorts of metrics, including:

  • Demographics: You can choose an audience based on things like age, gender, income marital status, or whether they are a parent.
  • Detailed: You can target an audience based on broader information, such as whether they are a student, a homeowner, a new parent, retired, etc.
  • Interests: There are various categories and sub-categories that can be used to reach people. These are based on the video topics they tend to watch and search terms they enter on YouTube.
  • YouTube Remarketing: When people view or interact with a video or advert that you’ve posted on YouTube, or if they visit your YouTube channel, their data is captured and they become part of a new, separate audience. Remarketing to people that have already engaged with you is a great opportunity to introduce them to new information or offerings. We will ensure everything is set up correctly within Google to ensure the audience data is captured automatically.
  • Website / Mobile app remarketing: Similar to the above, you can compile an audience of people who have visited your company’s website or mobile app. This, again, allows you to present ads that are tailored towards an audience that is already familiar with your business and may be interested in your services or have a need for a particular offering.

The nature of your audience will inform the content of your ad, and vice versa, so it is very important to have a clear idea of who your audience is and what you hope to achieve from your campaign. That is where we come in as we are well-placed to advise on the best way to use your advertising budget and content and get the most out of your YouTube advertising.

Our communication and reporting procedures

For any marketing campaign to be successful, communication is key. Communication is particularly important when you engage the services of a third party. We take our responsibilities very seriously, which is why we will provide tailored reports to you throughout the campaign.

Our reports will highlight specific metrics, data and activity that directly relate to the agreed goals of the campaign. Our reports are presented in a clear format, without unnecessary jargon or confusing data, which can obscure important information. If anything is not entirely or immediately clear, we will happily talk through it to ensure we remain on the same page as each other throughout the campaign. Reports are sent over by email along with any accompanying info, and we are always available on the phone for anything that needs to be discussed or actioned quickly.

Fundamental considerations

We want to make sure you get the most out of your campaign, so it is important for us that we understand your needs and expectations right from the start of the relationship. Therefore, at the outset of our YouTube Ads Management service, we will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out. This covers key areas and allows us to tailor your campaign by providing a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Here are some initial areas of consideration:

What’s your budget?

Do you know how much you want to spend? This is one of the most significant factors in any marketing campaign. The budget will determine the scope, reach, longevity and nature of your YouTube Ads campaign. It is important to set a clear, realistic budget from the start. This allows us to work efficiently and build a campaign that works for you.

What is the goal of your ads?

Are you hoping to boost sales of a specific item? Do you want to share knowledge or expertise to position yourself as a thought leader? Or are you simply hoping to get your company’s name out there? Having an idea of the intention and angle of your ads will determine things like targeting, audience and quantity, which in turn will help us provide a tailored quote.

What type of ad do you want?

As mentioned above, there are a number of different types of ad that you can run on YouTube. The option(s) you select will depend on the goals and budget for your campaign, and we will advise you accordingly, but it’s good to have a think about what might work best for you. We would advise getting on YouTube and seeing how these ads work for yourself.

What conversion rate do you expect?

As with any PPC campaign, you will only be charged for YouTube Ads if an action is taken, such as a link click, or if they are watched for a certain amount of time. Your cost-per-lead is calculated based on the number of engagements that the advert attracts, and this then impacts your profit. If a large number of clicks are required for each conversion, we’ll adjust things accordingly, but it’s worth having a realistic idea of the number of conversions you’d expect for the budget you’ve committed.

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