YouTube ads training

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YouTube reports 2 billion active users of their site every month, making it by far the largest reaching video platform online. As part of the Google monolith, the platform offers a suite of data-tracking and algorithmic targeting (YouTube Ads) to ensure your ad campaigns are reaching their targets. These advertisements come in several forms; each with its own strengths and niches that you need to know to take full advantage of YouTube’s power.

The channel-based and algorithmic design makes YouTube’s potential for marketing astronomical. Our course will guide you through the ins and outs of using YouTube ads, leaving you with the expertise needed to fully unlock the platform’s depth.

Why us?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Every company is unique, whether in terms of resources and size or target markets and branding. Just like our consultancy, the approach to training is built on that foundation. Our team of experts will work with you to tailor the perfect course that suits your business’ needs and budget. By rejecting the idea of a catch-all training solution in favour of a bespoke approach, we ensure our course gives you maximum reward for minimum expenditure.

After launching in 2009, it took us just two years to be awarded the prestigious title of a Google Premier Partner, meaning team has the Google Ad proficiency to coach your staff, no matter their prior experience. The made-to-order nature of our courses means that whether this is your company’s first break into digital marketing or simply the next step, we will provide a course that matches our clients perfectly.

Our continued success reaffirms our confidence in the long-term, people-focussed philosophy we operate under. is made up of people from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, each bringing their own voice and experiences. Together, we have created an organisation that understands both sides of the marketing equation. We measure our success by the human, not just data. Through our courses, we look to develop well-rounded individuals that not only have a newfound confidence in their abilities but also the desire to carry on learning and becoming a greater asset to their company.

Who can benefit from Youtube Ads training?

We are firm believers that no one should stop learning and growing, both in their personal and work life. This is especially true in a field as temporal as digital marketing, where new technologies and platforms are emerging constantly. Keeping yourself and your team on top of the shifting online trends is an investment in your company’s stability, scalability, and adaptability. Spheres like Google Ads are incredibly deep, and even the most informed expert can expand their skills and knowledge further.

For those without past digital marketing experience, a course is the perfect way to equip a workforce with more than just a foundation. We delve into as much or as little detail as is appropriate, all while providing individuals with the tools needed to further develop their work and life skills.

Every member of our team has achieved extraordinarily high levels of qualifications. We have drawn on all of their expertise and more to cultivate the strongest knowledge base possible. By working with industry giants like Google and Bing, as well as marketing specialists such as Raven Tools and MOZ, we guarantee our courses are consistently on the cutting edge of the field’s development.

Where can we provide Youtube Ads training?

The COVID-19 crisis has restricted us to virtual classrooms for the moment. Outside of the pandemic, however, we offer extremely flexible delivery of our bespoke courses. Alongside our primary locations, we have co-working offices across the entire country, all of which are available for use. We are also happy to travel to your own space if this is preferable, so please let us know in your enquiry.

What comes next?

We are already glad you have begun your and your team’s journey with us today. Even if you are undecided, do not hesitate to contact us to begin discussing how and what can do to provide the absolute best training possible.

Once we have processed your enquiry, we will arrange a digital meeting to further discuss your needs and price points. We will discuss how you currently use YouTube ads, and what your indications of success would be. Our team will then work around the clock to tailor the perfect training schedule for your company, which we will carry out on a day that suits.

At, we believe in putting people first. If you are ready to develop your and your company’s skill set, then let’s get started.