Linkedin Ads Training

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Linkedin Ads Training 

Whether you’ve never heard of LinkedIn before, you yourself are signed up online but never really explored its full potential, or you’re an avid user of the platform, the LinkedIn ads training courses provided right here at are a great place to start.

At, we’re among the country’s leading experts in specialised digital marketing – that’s why we know all of the best channels to reach your target audiences. LinkedIn ads are an incredibly powerful marketing tool when done correctly. They offer many advantages, including heightened business opportunities, connecting with those in your sector, and reaching out to those that have similar expertise – or more. By completing one of our LinkedIn ads courses, you’ll become proficient in utilising these ads so that they’re noticed by the right kinds of people.

Our courses are offered in locations around the UK, including in Lancaster, Manchester, and more. This means that, wherever you’re situated, you can enrol in one of our courses and learn everything there is to know about LinkedIn ads, including why they’re so efficient at reaching audiences. Our courses are beneficial because they’re packed full of useful content delivered in a concise and digestible manner.

Who are the LinkedIn ads training courses aimed at?

Anyone looking to branch out and reach new audiences through strategically placed adverts can enrol in this course. To narrow it down, however, our training is especially ideal for those individuals or businesses looking to network with people in a similar field. For instance, LinkedIn ads can be excellent at reaching out to potential collaborative partners, or for advertising a new job opportunity. Similarly, you should enrol on one of our LinkedIn training courses if you’re establishing a new business and wish to start a conversation with new suppliers.

What will you gain after completing one of the LinkedIn ads training courses?

– Excellent knowledge of what LinkedIn ads are.
– Knowledge of how LinkedIn ads can reach new users and convert them into paying customers or partnerships.
– How to optimise your LinkedIn ads to appeal to the largest number of people possible.
– Tips and tricks on selecting the right type of LinkedIn ads for your business’s needs.

What is covered in the LinkedIn ads courses?

When you enrol on one of our courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn ads. Just some of the content we’ll be covering includes:

LinkedIn Ad types

LinkedIn offers three different types of ad, all of which work in different ways and draw in different audiences. It’s important to identify which type of ad is the most suitable for you or your company. The types of LinkedIn ads are as follows:

– Sponsored InMail. This is a type of ad sent directly to targeted users via LinkedIn’s internal messaging system. When done correctly, this can lead to great engagement with your recipients as it is achieved via specialised content.

– Sponsored content. Arguably the most popular type of ad available on LinkedIn, sponsored content is good because it can also be posted outside of LinkedIn. Typically via a link, sponsored content can be posted virtually anywhere, meaning it’s ideal for reaching mass audiences.

– Text ads. This last type of ad is a simple, yet attractive means of leading users from LinkedIn to an external destination, such as your website, blog, or eCommerce shop.

Linkedin Ads Training: Maximising user engagement

Another topic you’ll be taught during a course on LinkedIn ads is how to tailor your ads to be optimised for as wide an audience as possible. As SEO experts, we’ll give you invaluable advice on how to make sure the content you release converts views into action, whether that’s by purchasing your products or getting in touch.

Linkedin Ads Training: Momentum after placement

One of the most important things you’ll learn when undertaking LinkedIn ads training is how to keep up the momentum you’ve gained after placing an ad. For many SMEs, a budget is incredibly finite and planned down to the highest margins; you want to ensure every penny is spent wisely. Once you’ve spent money on an ad, making sure you have an advertising plan in place to keep your customers engaged is critical.

Enrol on a LinkedIn ads training course today

If you’d like to learn how to use LinkedIn ads to benefit you or your business, you can do so by enrolling on one of our courses today. Our training is a balanced combination of both practical and theoretical work, so you’ll have plenty of hands-on experience to ensure you get the most out of what we offer.

Pricing of our Linkedin Ads Training:
– On-Site Training Day (client location) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £720 + VAT
– Off-Site Training Day ( 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £660 + VAT
– External Training Day (Regus office or similar) 1-person rate (additional £150 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £840 + VAT
– Remote Training: Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £500 + VAT
– Remote Training: Half-Day 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £280 + VAT
– Remote Training: per hour 1-person rate (additional £50 + VAT per attendee), a fixed fee of £90 + VAT per hour

You will get a Certificate of Completion upon finishing your course with us.