Benefits of a Copy Proofing Service

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Why Does Your Business Need a Copy Proofing Service?

For clients who write their own copy, for technical expertise, in house preference or a variety of other reasons, a copy proofing service could still be of great value. The benefit of having a professional SEO content writer proof read a client’s content are as follows:

  • Optimisation
  • Use of language
  • Error checking
  • Access to detailed research
  • Closer coordination with other digital marketing services
  • Extra viewpoints
  • Clarity

In brief, the use of a copy proofing service provides much the same benefits as outsourcing content, with the added advantage of the client’s own professional knowledge. To go into greater length:


  • Keyword research creates a deep understanding of how to use important words in site content
    • Important considerations include what is too much, and where it is best placed
  • Analytics and market research provide post into which keywords work best
  • Know how to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ which may lead to Google infractions

Use of Language

  • Understanding of content-driven sales pitches and powerful phrasing
  • Experience in mixing keyword optimisation with natural feeling writing styles
  • The important balance between quality & optimisation
    • Especially when focusing on the difference between impressions & conversions

Error Checking

  • Outside proof-reading is more effective than personal proof-reading
    • A writer is much less likely to notice mistakes in their own work
  • Experience with common errors make them much easier to spot

Detailed Research

  • Access to full digital marketing tools allows a greater understanding of what content ‘works’
  • Because other SEO services are already offered, research is at hand to help a copy writer or proof reader quickly assess the effectiveness of content

Digital Marketing Co-ordination

  • Where other digital marketing services are also provided, a copy proofing service is a form of liaison with the entire team
    • Understanding every aspect of the SEO service without asking creates a quick form of co-ordination and concise explanations
  • An SEO service is most effective when all aspects work together closely

Extra Viewpoints

  • When writing content, it helps to see things from other points of view
    • Particularly when making a sales pitch, it should always be best read from a customer’s perspective


  • Making sure content is understood is vital to its effectiveness
    • It’s easy to miss out when specialist terms are unclear to the layman

If you’re interested in a copy proofing service, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 01524 566 736 and we can discuss your requirements.