Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimisation

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Don't Overlook The Importance of Good Local SEO

Helping business connect with users is vital and creating these connections is the hardest thing a business has to do. Traditionally advertising and word of mouth was the only way for business to be found, recommended. Fortunately things have changed, and now users search the web, primarily through Google, to find a business suited to their needs. One need which is becoming increasingly apparent is locality. Users via their mobile devices are increasingly using search terms that prove vicinity is the factor when choosing a business, as Google recently announced that 1 in 3 search terms are local.

So, if your business’ website is not linked to a Google Maps listing, and does not have a mobile optimised site to follow, your business is missing leads, traffic and most importantly conversions.

Users are not going to travel across huge distances, they are after quick immediate results from their local area, which they know and trust. They want to use a business which has services optimised for their phones, they want to use a business which has a simple to use website. To find contact details, address or to order right there on line.

At Novi.Digital we have specialised our local search department, we create:

• Mobile Pages
• Google Listings
• Mobile Cost Per Click Campaigns
• Mobile Organic Search Listing Improvements

We offer a complete mobile search package. That is founded upon our ethical search engine optimisation service. We are honest with our clients and only recommend ethical improvements to their website and business.

To experience a more well-rounded approach to SEO get in touch with the superior, 5-star reviewed SEO Company.

We offer the best SEO Lancaster has to offer, our search marketing principles are the same for mobile search as they are for regular search, honest ethical and transparent.