Bing / Microsoft Ads Shopping Feed Management

Microsoft Ads Management on Bing Search engine shopping ad campaigns are a useful tool for e-commerce businesses that want to target the correct audience. Our Bing Ads Shopping Feed Management service helps optimize product adverts so that Ads seen by the right people at the lowest possible CPC (Cost-per-click). As an agency, we have managed tens of millions of pounds in ad spend across our range of managed PPC services. Our data-driven and results-oriented approach is our unique-selling-point that helps us to help companies like yours to grow. 

What is Bing / Microsoft Shopping Ads?

Bing Shopping is a product advertising platform within Bing Search. Run through Microsoft Ads, this enables advertisers to showcase their products at the top of the search engine results page or within shopping pages. 

Like regular text ads, Product Ads can be used to target shoppers that are ready to make a purchase. Unlike text ads, however, a Microsoft Ads Shopping campaign allows you to feature high-quality images of your product along with star ratings. When combined with effective search term-optimised titles and product descriptions, product ads can quickly result in increased ROI.

How does Microsoft Ads Shopping work?

Microsoft Ads Shopping campaigns are managed within two separate areas. These are Microsoft Ads and Bing Merchant Center. First, product data must be fed into Bing Merchant Center in what is called a feed file. This must be updated regularly for ads to remain active which, across a large quantity of products, can be a significant task. Microsoft Ads is where shopping campaigns can be organised and monitored.

Once a campaign has started, product ads will be placed in front of audiences based on their relevance to the search terms of shoppers. This is determined based on relative bid amount of an ad and relevancy of the product to the keyword. For our Bing Ads Shopping Feed Management service, we will work with you from the outset on a per-product basis to maximise ROI on each product. Doing so means that we understand your profitability and are able to make each click count. This is done by gaining a comprehensive understanding of how your audience shops online and by collecting important bidding data for products. Following this, we optimise each title and description of every product. 

What are Microsoft Ads Shopping Feeds?

A feed file is a list of product information that is essential to launch shopping campaigns within Microsoft Ads. We can create this manually within a spreadsheet program for you or transfer product data from an e-commerce plugin. If preferred, can also combine this service with our Google Ads Shopping Feed Management service and directly import your Google feed file. In either case, we will make sure that your feed file is uploaded with the correct information and updated regularly. 

Uploading a Feed

Before we upload your feed file, we will go through each of your products to ensure that their titles and descriptions are optimized around popular search queries. Once we have uploaded your feed file to Bing Merchant Centre, we will begin working with you on your Bing Ads shopping campaign.

Updating Products

After uploading your feed, we will begin the steady process of updating it regularly. This must be done frequently as catalogues expire every 30 days. As an agency, we try to do this on a daily basis to ensure that product information is fresh and is optimised for your campaign. E-commerce businesses will often have a significant amount of available products which is why updating feed files can be quite a complex process, requiring a specialist. 

At, have carried out a number of successful Bing Ads Shopping Feed Management campaigns over the years and are knowledgeable about all of the advantages and common problems that occur when using this advertising platform. As an agency, we work with our clients to make sure that each and every product’s advert helps increase revenue and improve ROI. 

Innovative Tools

Since launching over ten years ago, we have worked at the forefront of digital marketing as a research-led agency. That’s why our Bing Ads Shopping Feed Management service utilises software that we have developed and won’t be found anywhere else. These tools help optimise adverts based on large sets of data and lower each product’s cost per acquisition.

While Bing Shopping relies on categories, titles, and descriptions rather than keywords, it is still possible to optimise ads. We first do this with our search term analysis tool, Forager, that gives us ideas about what your audience are searching for on Bing. Once this is done, we utilise our bid timing optimisation tool, Metronome. This helps us gain an understanding of when search queries are used most. Finally, we set a desired margin for each product so that bids are made for maximal profitability with our proprietary software, Captivise

Review Extension Star Ratings

With search queries often resulting in a number of shopping ads on any SERP, it is important to stand out in wherever possible. Star ratings provide a simple yet effective way to do this. If, for example, your product is placed alongside a product that is very similar in its specs and pricing, having 5 stars next to yours is sure to capture the attention of visitors.

At, we are experienced at working with Bing-accredited review partners to ensure that this is possible. For clients without reviews on an accredited partner, we will first link your products to one. We will then add this to your feed file so that, when your product appears on a SERP, it has a rating. We have found that ratings can quickly result in improved ROI, helping budgets go further.

Merchant Promotions Strategy

Aside from placing and optimizing your products, we also work with you to develop a promotions strategy with our Bing Ads Shopping Feed Management service. This is another incredibly helpful way to stand out from other product ads. By not just offering a better price, but highlighting that it is a promotion, those that view the ad may feel more compelled to take action. This is because many search queries that result in a product ad will contain indicators that customers are already at a stage where they are likely to make a purchase, such as ‘price’ or ‘for sale’.

We are able to make these site-wide promotions or for specific items, where preferred. Aside from increasing revenue, promotions are also a good way to quickly increase traffic to your site, particularly for promotions across a number of products. At, we will work with you to help develop promotion strategies around the most important KPIs.

  • Conversions
  • Reach
  • Reduced costs-per-click (CPC)
  • Better ROI

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