Case Study: Roast & Ground

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Roast & Ground are a London-based independent coffee supply firm catering to business clients. They recommend, sell, lease, restock, and maintain high-quality coffee and other vending machines to businesses within a growing support radius.

Their independent status combined with their passion for the business provides them with an essential USP; their extensive knowledge and ability to match client to the ideal coffee machine.

What Was the Problem?

Roast & Ground had proved the value of their service and were looking to increase their market share and grow their client base. However, faced with a highly competitive market and a specific target demographic, they found their website didn’t generate enough traffic from potential customers.

This had become a major limiting factor on their growth. After working to improve their website’s organic performance themselves, the company accepted that they had hit the limit of what they could achieve without expert support. They were attracted by the potential of PPC campaigns, but correctly recognised that without understanding the fundamentals of PPC campaigns, it could be a costly gamble.

Roast & Ground say: “Since our website wasn’t generating enough traffic, potential clients couldn’t learn about our services…  When we initially commissioned Novi… we wanted them to explore PPC to determine if it could be profitable, as well as highlight areas for possible improvement.”

How Did We Resolve It?

We set about tailoring their keyword list to perform better within a PPC campaign. Eliminating underperforming or too-expensive keywords can significantly increase the ROI of your PPC campaign. Our team monitored performance closely, taking a data-driven approach to eliminate weak keywords. We also researched new potential keywords, which opened up Roast & Ground’s reach to potential customers who would never have found them before.

As this was going on, we also provided advice on how to improve the site’s organic performance. We revised page content based on our keyword research, making it easier for visitors to find the services R&G offer and expressing their USPs more clearly.

We also looked at how we could help Roast & Ground improve the user experience for potential customers.

While Roast & Ground were aware that their website wasn’t reaching enough potential customers, the work on user experience was done to improve their chance of ‘converting’ visitors to customers. User experience is a key factor in visitor engagement, and sites which are easy to use and navigate tend to have much higher conversion rates.

The impact of this is immediate. Increasing conversion rate from 5% to 10% of visitors immediately doubles the number of new customers. That improvement increases the effectiveness of PPC and SEO packages which bring in more visitors significantly.

Roast & Ground say: “We initially approached Novi because we knew they had the B2B experience we wanted. Their frontend materials were comprehensive and we found we appreciated their approach to communication. They work incredibly hard to make sure they explain things because they understand their clients aren’t experts.

“All of our metrics have improved since we started working with The number of total visits and unique visitors increased over 100%, our bounce rate is lower, and our session duration, though it was low to start, more than doubled. We attributed these successes to the SEO and backend work they’ve done on the site.”

What Were the Outcomes?

 As organic performance began to take off, Roast & Ground started to shift their focus from PPC campaigns toward other avenues of online promotion. We’ve worked with them to help them develop an advertising strategy which takes in social media activity, including on platforms like LinkedIn.

This kind of marketing can get eyes onto your site, but it’s important to take steps to capture the attention of casual visitors. We worked with Roast & Ground to revise existing pages on their website so that anyone clicking through from LinkedIn would immediately find the information they were looking for. This increases engagement from social media outreach significantly.

Roast & Ground say: “Their expertise and advice have been most impressive and useful. As a small business, it’s reassuring to know that you can trust the people working for you in the background, especially when it comes to SEO.”

What’s Next?

Currently, Roast & Ground are looking to land bigger contracts with bigger businesses into London. They also want to increase the area they service, with a view to capturing market share in other large cities across the country. are developing additional content and marketing strategies to target these areas. Location-based search is a major section of almost any market, so developing location-based campaigns and providing engaging content for them to connect to can help Roast & Ground to extend their footprint across more of the UK. By targeting specific areas, we can support promotional initiatives in the region, increasing the effectiveness of our client’s marketing.

Our keyword research allows us also to identify search terms favoured by larger businesses, developing new content to be delivered as part of a strategy targeting their new market.

Selling to bigger businesses requires a different approach to selling to SMEs. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we can advise on making the transition between the two.

Roast & Ground say: “If someone is approaching a project with as little knowledge and expertise as I was when we began working with Novi, I’d caution him or her to not assume the solution is going to be simple or straightforward. I would suggest a potential customer be flexible as they learn about the process.”

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