How To Refine Your Email Marketing Strategy

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How To Refine Your Email Marketing Strategy

How To Refine Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has an incredible ROI: According to the report by Campaign Monitor, every dollar you allocate to email nets you $44 in revenue. You would be hard pressed to find another digital marketing channel that offers this level of return. However, if you want to gain the revenue that email marketing provides, you have to make sure that you have a sound email marketing strategy.

Campaigns that will enhance your email marketing strategy

Looking to improve your email marketing strategy but unsure of where to start? Don’t worry. We can help you there. Here are six email campaigns that you need to send if you want to elevate your email marketing in 2019.

1. Welcome series

People who sign up to be a part of your email list are interested in learning more about your brand and what you can offer. Leverage this momentum by using a welcome email to make a great first impression.

With a welcome email, you can do the following all at once:

  • Thank new subscribers for signing up to your list
  • Make new subscribers feel valued at the onset of their customer journey
  • Encourage new subscribers to make their first purchase by offering exclusive “new subscriber” discounts

In short, you need to send welcome emails if you want to build and maintain good relationships with your customers.

2. Email newsletters

Sending email newsletters on a regular schedule is the best way to keep your subscribers updated with information such as:

  • Latest promotions and offerings
  • Events
  • Important company news

In addition, the links you include in your email newsletters help drive valuable traffic to your website.

3. Purchase confirmation emails

When customers purchase from you, it shows they trust you. You can further build on that trust with a confirmation email.

By sending purchase confirmation emails, you reassure your customer, showing you’re a legitimate brand. Sending a purchase confirmation email also boosts your credibility. This makes customers feel more inclined to refer your brand to their friends, family members, and colleagues.

4. Feedback emails

It’s important for customers to feel heard. Giving them an opportunity to voice their thoughts regarding your product or service is key to validating their experience with your brand. And there’s no easier way to do this than a feedback or survey email.

When customers receive survey or feedback emails, they feel that you actually care about their happiness. This will go a long way in fostering customer loyalty.

Furthermore, the feedback email serves as an ideal barometer of customer satisfaction with your brand. The responses you receive from customers will give you an indication of areas that need improvements.

5. Product announcement emails

Existing customers are an amazing source of revenue. This is because they’ve already demonstrated their interest in your brand. Capitalise on this interest—and boost sales in the process—by sending new product announcement emails to your existing customer base.

A well-designed announcement email amplifies excitement for a product. Include high-quality images of the product as well as a compelling call to action in your email. Doing so will help increase your customers’ anticipation, making them more inclined to purchase the new product.

6. Re-engagement emails

A brand’s email list decays at an average rate of 22.5% per year. As a business owner, you can’t avoid losing a percentage of your customers each year. With that said, what you can do is keep this attrition to a minimum.

To manage email list decay, send re-engagement emails to:

  • Subscribers who are inactive and have not made recent purchases
  • Subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked through your campaigns in a while.

Engage with these subscribers again and encourage them to purchase from you by making them special offers. Only offer a maximum discount of 20% in your other promotions? Then re-engage inactive subscribers by offering them 25% or 30% discounts. The extra incentive will entice them to become active subscribers again, thereby preventing email list decay.

Tips to make your email marketing strategy more effective

Now you know the types of email campaigns that make the foundation of a great email marketing strategy. Now it’s time to ensure that you take full advantage of the power of these emails. Here are three tips you need to follow.

1. Optimise your subject lines for conversions.

Write your subject lines using words that boost open rates. Include powerful words such as:

  • Back in stock
  • Exclusive
  • On sale now
  • Today only
  • Expiring

Also, try to keep your subject lines to three or more words and 17 to 24 characters in length. This ensures that your subject lines display in full across a wide range of devices.

2. Personalise.

Another way to increase both engagement and conversion is to personalise your emails. Even a basic personalisation trick like including the subscriber’s first name in the subject can increase open rates by 26%.

You also need to personalise your email offers. For instance, if your brand sells both men’s and women’s shoes, send promotions from your men’s line to your male subscribers and promotions from your women’s line to your female subscribers.

3. Automate.

Don’t waste time manually sending emails to each and every one of your subscribers. Use email automation instead. With automation, you can send hundreds, if not thousands of emails in the span of a few seconds. You just have to set up the email once and establish the triggers that subscribers need to meet to receive the email, and you’re good to go until it’s time for a refresh.

Emails you can automate include (but are not limited to):

  • Welcome series: sent after a user subscribes to your list
  • Purchase confirmation: sent once a customer completes the checkout process on your website
  • Feedback emails: sent to existing customers after confirming they receive your product.

Wrap up

The campaigns outlined in this article are sure to take your email marketing to the next level. To maximise the effectiveness of these campaigns, make sure that you optimise for conversions, personalise your message, and automate your emails.

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