Using Google Shopping Feed Management to Improve Sales

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The Key to Google Shopping Feed Management


Google Shopping Feed is an incredibly useful tool when used properly, and an incredibly expensive one when used badly. As with other PPC advertising, the key to successful use of Google Shopping is to understand how to make the most of your resources, focusing on improving quality and understanding your target audience, rather than throwing money down the drain by overpaying for adverts.

How it Works

The Google Shopping feed is like a specialised form of PPC advertising. Rather than advertising your website directly on the front page of Google, you’ll be listing items directly onto their shopping page, where products appear based on relevant search terms.

There are many advantages to using Google shopping compared to traditional PPC advertising:

Display pictures, prices & customer ratings

  • Draw customers in with competitive prices and good quality images
  • Higher conversion rate – customers more likely to get what they came for
  • Don’t have to pay as often for clicks
  • Items speak for themselves

Much higher chance of gaining an impression

  • More items on the front page of shopping
  • Options to filter based on customer needs
  • Chance of showing up on front page anyway

With a well-managed Google Shopping Feed campaign you could be seeing your items on the front page of Google alongside pictures and accurate prices, encouraging high quality visitors and good conversion rates.

How can help

The similarities between Google’s shopping feed and ordinary PPC ads means that working with this is practically second nature to us. Using our five phase PPC management system allows us to create shopping feed campaigns that are effective from the very beginning, and our focus on constant refinement will keep them going strong throughout their run. We provide opportunities to:

  • Increase conversions
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Optimise landing pages
  • Target appropriate keywords
  • Increasing reach while reducing costs-per-click (CPC)
  • Measure ad performance
  • Constantly refine & adjust campaign
  • Maintain quality

With our assistance you can see some great conversion rates, and since your success is our success, we’ll work tirelessly to deliver the results you want to see.


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