HubSpot Certified: Looking to the Future

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As a company, our philosophy has always been to look to the future and to adopt techniques we believe will serve us well in the changing face of digital marketing. We’ve watched the industry evolve and adapt to new technologies and cultural shifts since we launched in 2009, and by continuing to look forwards, we’ve built a reputation for supporting our clients and for helping them reach greater levels of success.

Birds of a Feather

We’re not alone in this; another company embracing the philosophy that businesses need to adapt to the changing online world is HubSpot.

Like Novi.Digital, HubSpot embraces the growing power of digital marketing as other forms of marketing begin a notable decline, and also like us, they give a lot of thought to how to better use data to drive new marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Strategy

In the early days of marketing the only feedback available was whether or not sales of the advertised product improved; however, we now have the tools to pull an incredible amount of information from any campaign from the moment it launches onward.

We can identify weaknesses and strengths in marketing and work on accentuating strengths and compensating for weaknesses. Using tools like PIE analysis, we can even prioritise the order in which to do these using actual metrics, ensuring our efforts are prioritised well from the off.

Inbound Marketing Philosophy

Using these tools, HubSpot has pioneered the Inbound marketing philosophy which focuses on creating engagement with leads immediately and developing it so that by the time one side approaches the other, the lead has passed the ‘awareness’ and ‘considering’ stages of engagement and is already reaching their ‘decision’ point.

At this point a strong, targeted contact can be all that’s needed to create a customer, and as the data necessary to target that specific sales lead has been used throughout the process (generating more data along the way, which allows companies like HubSpot and Novi.Digital to strengthen that connection even more as they receive the data), all the tools needed are at the company’s disposal for the final step.

HubSpot Training and Certification

Our Head of Agency and Managing Director have led the way in completing HubSpot’s Inbound training and certification courses, with the rest of our staff following. We’re always looking to add more techniques to our toolbox on our clients’ behalf, and adding HubSpot certification to our qualifications is has been tremendously helpful.

To find out how this training can help us help you, you can request a site audit, consultation, and proposal – absolutely free of charge – by filling out our contact form, calling us on 01524 566 736, or emailing [email protected].