Merry Christmas & a Happy novi Year

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Celebrates 2016 and Looks Forward to 2017

As the curtain falls on 2016, is preparing for our first Christmas under our new brand and our first full year as novi, shortly to follow.

Becoming novi

Looking back over the previous twelve months it’s amazing to think how much has changed. The novi family has grown, with many new colleagues, all of them experts in one or more areas of digital marketing.

You’ve already heard from Matt Mitchell, a Team Leader here, on the importance of client relationships – they aren’t just good for the dynamic between us and you, they actively help us to do the job you need doing – and as 2017 progresses other members of the novi family (which promises to continue growing, too) will be offering their own posts into other parts of the process.

A Year of Hard Work and Results

It’s not just the team that’s grown (and developed), though, as even with a larger workforce we’re busier than ever; we’ve kept our core client base and grown outward, offering more services to more of our clients.

Without that continued success, it’s fair to say that novi wouldn’t be novi; it’s the growth and success of our company and our clients that proved we were ready to make the change.

The monthly reports we send out highlight a trend of success and growth not just for us but for our colleagues, and as we approach our own holiday break, the atmosphere in the office is positive as well as hard-working; we’re looking forward to building on this year’s successes next year.

The Foundation for Next Year

Every year’s successes become the foundation for next year’s growth, and novi is about nothing if not looking to the future and looking for ways to improve.

Every current client can expect, in January, to receive an in-depth report on 2016 and a plan for how to proceed across 2017. We’re laying long-term plans now to not simply capture this level of success in the coming year but how to exceed it for every one of our clients, old, new, and yet to be found – and for us, too.

A Season to Celebrate

As we approach the end of the year, in the heart of this festive season, we want to extend to every single one of you our best wishes for the year to come.

May this holiday season bring you all nothing but joy, and Merry Christmas!