What is the difference between novi.digital UK and Novi Digital Entertainment in India?

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Have you had a video flagged by [email protected]? Here's what to do if Novi Digital Entertainment have been in contact with you about a copyright claim.

Every day, we receive dozens of requests from companies asking us to reinstate their videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, we cannot help, as novi.digital and Novi Digital Entertainment in India are not the same company.


We are novi.digital, an multi-award-winning digital agency providing SEO and PPC services. Novi Digital is also a name used by an altogether different company in India. Whilst our company is not a Mickey Mouse company, the company in India is! To explain further:


novi.digital and Novi Digital Entertainment in India – Here are the 3 main differences:


  1. Novi Digital in India is a company owned by Star India. Star India’s parent company is Disney (the Mickey Mouse link should seem a little more obvious now). Star India and it’s subsidiary company HotStar own the rights and copyright to many publications in India.


  1. novi.digital in the UK and Novi Digital Entertainment are not connected in any way. This might seem obvious, but to be crystal clear: novi.digital UK is a digital marketing agency. Novi Digital Entertainment is a media company. We make it as clear as we can when responding to the messages we receive. We have no affiliation with Novi Digital Entertainment, HotStar or Star India.


  1. Novi Digital in India is loss-making, whereas novi.digital in the UK is profit-making: always has been and always will be.


In closing, now that we have made this clear on our website, should we encounter any mention, tagging, reporting or claims that we (as in novi.digital Ltd – the UK entity) have in any way disapproved videos, we will ask for you to remove that content. This also extends to any mistaken connections with Novi Digital Entertainment. Our process will be to politely request removal of the erroneous content. If the content is not removed within 24 hours, we will follow with a defamation claim.


Additionally, we will be communicating with HotStar in India to request that they use a different name in association with their copyright claims. I am sure you appreciate that this is not a situation we have a lot of control over.


I’ve had a copyright claim from Novi Digital. What should I do?


Have you reached this page because your video has been disapproved or taken down by Novi Digital Entertainment? The above should clarify that this has not been our doing. Rather than communicating with us or leaving any comments on our media, we recommend contacting HotStar and Star India. Their email address is as follows: [email protected].

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