Google Penguin Update – How are you coping with the algorithm change?

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Google Penguin Update - How are you coping with the algorithm change?

As you may or may not be aware, Google recently changed the algorithm which determines what factors they rank websites by. The “Penguin” update, which was implemented in late April 2012, follows another update called “Panda” which was released only a month or so previously. With more updates set to follow over the coming months, the way in which Google reads pages and sorts them is changing in a number of key areas.

The updates have shifted the balance of play, so that Google now values a number of criteria even more highly than ever. Many sites are seeing that they are being penalized even more severely for factors such as duplicate content and what could be deemed to be overly aggressive SEO tactics.

Here at Novi.Digital we have been quick to respond to these updates, as we constantly alter and evolve our SEO approach to suit Google’s newly established priorities.

Many SEO companies are stuck in their ways, having found short cuts and quick fixes they are reluctant to alter their methods. These kinds of companies can however often be doing websites more harm than good when they make changes based on the way in which Google used to operate.

As an ever evolving company, with specialised staff dedicated to ensuring links, content and onsite SEO are all operating to their maximum potential, Novi.Digital provide some of the best web marketing solutions available.

Novi.Digital are dealing with the changes the Penguin update has made as a priority, and are looking to implement a number of further strategies to our already extensive SEO programme in order to ensure our clients comply with what is now required.

We view SEO through a broader marketing lens than many other companies, which allows us to ensure you get good quality, high converting traffic through your site through a wide variety of different means.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way in which your site has been impacted by Google’s updates, or are interested in finding out more about SEO in general, please do not hesitate to contact our team here at Novi.Digital.

Content written by Henry Davenport