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It’s more common now to see people search the web on their phone – or ask Siri or Cortana to do it – than it is to hear them ask friends for recommendations or check print advertisements. While your shopfront’s promotion, if you have one, will take care of itself, your online presence is a different matter.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital part of any modern business’ marketing, and an experienced company with years of knowledge of SEO in the North West is a natural fit to fill that gap in your promotion. We at Novi.Digital offer a wide range of SEO services in the North West, and we have a roster of satisfied clients in many, many fields throughout the area.

Why choose a company near to Oldham for your SEO?


It’s important to know the company you’re doing business with, and a sit-down meeting is one of the best ways to get a feel for one another as well as to make sure that your SEO provider understands your specific needs. Those face-to-face meetings are much easier when client and provider are based nearby, and with a Manchester office there’s no hassle at all in arranging to visit you or for you to look over our operation. It’s not even a long haul to our head office in Lancaster.

In addition to that, an emergent trend in SEO at the moment has been dubbed ‘Local SEO’ and it’s there that we can really shine for you. Simply put, local SEO adds an additional focus to potential customers in your immediate area, and with both the understanding of techniques called for and the local knowledge to best use them, we’re in a strong position to help you capitalise on this new trend.

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How close are we to Oldham proper?

One of our offices is in Manchester, and even head office is a short drive or train journey away in Lancaster. We’re also happy to arrange to visit you.

Novi.Digital and you

We understand that at the end of the day your focus has to be on increasing your business, and that’s where we put our focus, too; it’s not enough to drive up traffic to your site if your site doesn’t turn those visitors into customers, and so we work on both enhancing your visibility online and on increasing overall conversions.

You don’t just want any visitor, after all; what you need is the right visitor, and we can target the way your website shows up on searches to fine-tune that, making sure your traffic converts reliably into revenue.

When we first start liaising with a client, we provide a free consultation, audit, and proposal – we listen to what you need, assess the website you have, and put together a package to amplify your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.If this is something that you are interested in arranging then please call 01524 566 736 or email [email protected].

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