SEO24/7 Pledges To The Voluntary Living Wage

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lw_logo_employer_rgb-2-178x140Here at, the next evolution of the company SEO24/7, we believe strongly that our employees have the right to live comfortably and without fear of a sudden emergency expense.

While the national minimum wage is currently set at £6.70 per hour, the Living Wage Foundation have done extensive research into the actual effective costs of living day to day, including the costs of recurring bills and unpredictable emergency funds.

The Foundation sets two “voluntary living wages” calculated from this information; one for London and one for the rest of the country, where the cost of living is measurably less steep than in the capital.

By contrast, the living wage which the Government will adopt next April is based solely on median income, does not vary by location, and is substantially lower – though above the current national minimum wage.

For the full time employees working at our offices, the living wage as determined by the Foundation has risen over or above the £8.25 recommended rate, and as part of our commitment to sustainable living, we are one of the many companies who consider this a minimum standard for our employee’s pay.

A sustainable living wage is good for the people paid it and pays dividends back to the businesses offering it and to the economies in which they operate – and yet almost a quarter of the UK’s working population, almost six million people, are paid below that rate. stands with the over 2,000 companies now accredited by the Living Wage Foundation for having accepted this voluntary living wage as our minimum standard, and we are proud to do so.

With over a decade’s experience in our young field in some cases, our employees are our greatest asset; they have the knowledge and the training that has made us one of the UK’s leading SEO providers, and we entrust our clients to their skilled hands.

It’s in our best interests and our clients’ best interests that they are recognised and rewarded for their ability; we consider it an investment in the success of our clients – and therefore our own success. believes in the power of the personal connection. As any of our clients can tell you, we take pains to build a close working relationship with each client and the same philosophy guides us in the office, where the camaraderie has to be experienced to be believed, and where every employee’s input is listened to when making procedural and policy decisions.

It’s these ties that make us as effective a team as we have proven to be, and it’s this philosophy which will carry us and our clients to greater success as we continue to develop and grow. offers SEO and PPC solutions to businesses across the North West and beyond. If your business could benefit from our services, call 0161 635 6736 or email [email protected] for a free consultation, audit, and proposal.