SEO Audit Services

Our goal when we carry out an SEO audit is to provide the client with a clear roadmap to optimising your site with our recommendations – recommendations we will back up with data.

Our SEO audit is a one-off service which focuses purely on how your site interacts with search engines. Recommendations based on this audit are focused on improving your site’s performance in search engines and in sustaining that improvement over the long term.

Standalone Service or Full Strategy

We can also perform a combination of CRO / UX Audits and PPC Audits, to provide an integrated digital marketing plan for your website.

As SEO, CRO and PPC can all reinforce one another, strategies which incorporate two or all three are more effective – but depending on your site’s current performance, any one individual service may be most needed and can make a real difference.

SEO Audits

Over the course of your SEO audit we will:

  • Check and log all errors which could affect search engine optimisation. This includes pages with duplicate, missing, or short meta data. We also log all 404 errors, which search engines penalise.
  • Assess data from Google Webmaster Tools Search Console to identify search terms which need better support, and draw up recommendations to provide that support.
  • Identify areas where additional content or features will improve the rate and efficiency at which search engines will index the site. This includes checking sitemaps as well as reviewing your site’s content management system (CMS) and URL structure to pinpoint inefficiencies.
  • We’ll develop a set of SEO best practices tailored to your site’s content, your company mission, and your CMS.
  • Using information gained in the earlier steps, we’ll lay out recommendations for short, medium, and long-term SEO improvements. We’ll also produce a list of questions your business should consider in developing a long-term strategy.

A Personalised Expert Service turning Audits into Strategy

At we believe that it takes more than expertise and experience to properly support our clients – you also need to understand the client’s goals and see what they wish to accomplish. That’s why our audits are as personalised as our long-term service contracts – because it’s that extra perspective that gives our work the edge.

To find out more about our services or to book your audit, you can contact us here, call the office on 0800 955 6684, or email [email protected]. We look forward to it.