Data Science in Digital Marketing

Our Data Science in Digital Marketing service removes guesswork. Performance is improved in this service through the comprehensive collection and analysis of data gathered for all areas of your customer’s journey. By calling upon our network of academic partnerships, carrying out research, and utilising our own proprietary software, this service establishes a secure account-based marketing framework relies on quality data.

Data Science Strategy

Rather than making assumptions about your audience and their behaviour, by effectively accumulating and interpreting data, your business’s progress can be quantified. As a data-driven agency, we utilise data to improve a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs), from conversion rates, to average transaction values. Before we begin using data to make progress in these important areas, however, we first focus on the fundamental of any successful digital marketing campaign: your audience.

Defining a Good Quality Lead

Before we begin a deep-dive into the data, we first set out what you define as a good quality lead. It could be, for instance, that there is a particular sector or market that it is worth targeting to ensure growth. Similarly, it may be that you consider an enquiry to be a much better-quality lead than a mailing list sign up. It is only be reaching a consensus on what is a high quality lead for your business that we can use data effectively. 

Building a Data Science Strategy

As the name suggests, data science relies on data. More than this, however, it relies on useful data. That’s why the second stage of our service is focussed on collecting data based on outlined conversion and lead targets. Not every business will use analytics software that stores data on your customers and their behaviour. For those that do not have readily-available data, our goal at this stage is to begin collecting important data that can be called upon to achieve your KPIs.

 Maintenance and Adaption

Once an account-based marketing strategy has been reached and data is being captured on your audience’s behaviour, we can continuously refine our approach. Whether this is done by carrying out UX tests on important page’s of your website, or refining target search terms for your campaign, by continuously collecting data, every aspect of your business’s digital presence can be scrutinized. This stage of our Data Science in Digital Marketing service also focuses on streamlining a campaign’s efforts by determining ineffective areas with the aim of maximising return of investment (ROI).

Academic Partnerships

As a forward-thinking agency, we are keen to never rest on our laurels. That’s why we have, over the last number of years, worked with academic institutions to carry out innovative research. As an important field for the future of digital marketing, much of this research has been in relation to data science. We have strong research partnerships with both UCL and Lancaster University’s Data Science Institute, working with them both regularly on studies. In 2020 alone, we will have completed six studies on data science’s role in digital marketing with UCL. Should you have a brief that involves or could be improved with data science, we are able to work with our academic partners to complete it as part of our Data Science in Digital Marketing service.

Proprietary Data Science Software

Alongside our academic research in data science, we have also developed our own proprietary data science software to assist our account-based marketing tactics. For our Managed PPC services, this includes our auto-bid software, Captivise. By setting a desired target cost-per-conversion, the innovative algorithms of this software bid the optimal amount to ensure maximum profitability. To also assist with our PPC services, along with our Managed SEO services, we utilise our keyword-finding tool, Forager, and our search term targeting software, Keystone. All of our software is developed and continuously improved through our data science research. 

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