eCommerce Services

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eCommerce Services

Our e-commerce services are designed to help your digital business grow, while improving the return on your e-commerce investment. At, we’re more than just a PPC (pay per click) agency. Harnessing the powers of data and psychology, our team have the knowledge and skills necessary to refine your e-commerce business. Data-driven and psychology focused, we have achieved Google’s Premier Partner status… meaning we understand results, whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Our e-commerce services

Our eCommerce services team employs strategies that are proven to help you attract the right customers… at the right time. Our teams are familiar with a range of platforms, but, as a Google Premier Partner, we have a high-level of expertise with Google Shopping. Because our aim is to be the world’s leading data-driven and psychology focused SEO and PPC agency, you’ll find we offer a comprehensive range of technical, content and strategic methodologies in our role as an e-commerce services provider. These include:

Our goal? Using tools like these to help you reach the searchers, or shoppers, who are currently indicating a high likelihood to buy products like yours.

What is e-commerce strategy consulting?

While it’s important to ‘trust your gut’, it’s equally important to make sure your decisions are informed by real data, with results that are measurable. By digging through your analytics and looking at things on a granular level, our e-commerce services team will help you identify the information you need to make the decisions which will drive your business. KPIs play an important role in this. They allow you to evaluate your performance – historically as well as in real-time – ensuring you are reaching your goals. In addition, they’re helpful in highlighting areas where your e-commerce business can improve. Our E-commerce strategy consulting services can guide you in identifying the metrics which will be most valuable in driving your business forward.

SEO management?

Our SEO management service helps you develop your business’ presence online. We do this by employing technical, content and strategic SEO methods to boost your business’ search engine performance. Achieving this requires a careful and balanced approach to ensure that we’re looking at the psychological needs of your searchers. For example, readability is crucial – particularly on mobile phones. By using Flesch Kincaid readability scoring as part of our SEO methodology, we ensure that prospective customers are getting the information they need as easily as possible. This is backed by the data-driven methods which allow us to measure performance. SEO activities are everchanging. To ensure our e-commerce services team is always up to date on the latest guidance, we regularly consult the industry’s most reputable resources, including Moz, Google Webmaster headlines and Search Engine Land. Find out more about our SEO management service.

PPC management

The team at has years of experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns, and not just for our clients. In recent years, we’ve invested millions promoting ourselves. We work with a number of platforms, but primarily we work with the three industry leaders:

Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
• Google Ads

No two platforms are the same and, at, we recognise the important differences. For example, if you have a low price point consumer product, Facebook Ads can be especially effective. Google Shopping Ads, on the other hand, is better suited to product lines with a higher price point. If you are new to PPC, then we can support you from the outset. If yours is an established campaign, however, you may find us most useful when you’re looking to enhance performance.

Google Shopping Management

At, we follow a data-driven approach to managing your Google Shops management. We begin by looking at the search habits of your customers – ensuring we’re achieving a data-driven approach. Our team follows a five-step PPC management cycle which includes the creation and delivery of highly efficient Google Shopping Feed campaigns. Our approach isn’t just driven by data… Our award-winning approach focuses on the psychology of searches, too. Every member of our award-winning PPC team is Google certified, ensuring you’ll meet your e-commerce goals.

E-commerce services: a 3-step approach

To ensure the best results for our clients and their digital storefronts, our team of eCommerce strategists follow a three-step methodology. This three-step cycle (analyse, action, maintain) typically lasts three months before renewing. This ensures your business and e-commerce channels benefit from a continuous, dynamic approach to development.

1.) Analyse

The amount of data you have is usually not a problem. It’s what you do with it, however, that often is. As a leading e-commerce services provider, we recognise just how important it is to make decisions that are data-driven. During this important planning and analysis phase, our aim is to discover what your business’ objectives are, as well as how the analytics can help you meet those. Our e-commerce services team begin with a fact-finding questionnaire. It’s been specially designed to clarify your goals as well as the most appropriate ways of reaching them. This study serves as a springboard for our team. While it provides us with an overview, it allows us to raise questions and consider details at a more granular level. Consultations provide our teams with a space to discuss and understand specific business needs.

Discussions like these are crucial as they can identify potential issues early on, as well as the solutions to overcome them. For example, is there any specific phrasing that should be used within copy to reflect your current branding or message? If so, it’s important to share that as early as possible to avoid problems later on. Or, perhaps there are specific product lines you need to focus on? Information like this which is specific to your business and its aims is crucial before any plans are set into action and ensure that the strategy adopted will be successful in targeting your most desirable (and profitable) customers.

2.) Action

Now that our goals and strategy are established, it’s now time to make it all happen. As actions are implemented, our e-commerce team will monitor and track your outcomes – helping you see what’s being achieved in real-time. As a Google Premier Partner, we will implement what you need to succeed. Our team of friendly and responsive strategists will work alongside your team closely, ensuring you have the information you need as and when you need it.

3.) Maintain

As an e-commerce services agency, we understand the importance of monitoring and maintaining results. That’s why implemented actions are always reviewed to ensure we can see what has been achieved… as well as any new opportunities on the horizon. This time is about more than simply ticking off the goals you’ve met. It’s about seeing where there is room for refinement. It’s during this final phase of the cycle that we identify those all-important next steps for your e-commerce business. Whether you employ 2 or 200, there are always ways to let you work that bit more efficiently (and profitably). Working in close partnership, our team will use their understanding of your business – and its analytics – to recommend ways of refining your business further. They are always looking for ways to drive the ROI on your e-commerce investment. This ongoing approach pays dividends – particularly in rapidly changing B2C marketplaces.

Why choose as your e-commerce services provider?

At, we have the knowledge and skills you need to attract the right customers, at the right time. Our two-prong approach means we’re much more than a PPC agency. Our focus on data-driven results is balanced by our understanding of the powerful psychology behind B2C and B2B purchasing. To ensure we deliver the best results as your e-commerce services provider, we offer a comprehensive range of technical, content and strategic methodologies. Our team works with a wide range of platforms and, importantly, their experience means they understand where they’re most advantageous… as well as where they are not. This type of knowledge ensures you’re getting the best return on your digital investment.

As a Google Premier Partner, our team possesses a high degree of expertise with Google Shopping and every member of the team is AdWords-certified. Above all else, we recognise that our success is dependent on yours. That’s why, at, we tailor our e-commerce services to ensure your success. But, we aren’t just looking at growth. We are always looking for ways to help you improve your bottom line, too. Contact us today to discover the benefits of working with