Google Ads reach 90% of internet users, so why not use a Google Premier Partner?

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Why are Google Ads important?

Google is the biggest, and most influential, search engine online at the moment. It’s been dominant for over a decade, holding a market share of around 90%, which shows very little sign of wavering in the future.

This makes advertising on Google one of the most important things your company can do. With the Google Premier Partner program in place, companies are able to present their products and services to audiences around the world. As such, making your impact on Google Ads count can be one of the most important steps in getting your business to stand out.

What is the Google Premier Partner program?

The Google Premier Partner program focuses on how an agency acts when using Google Ads. Premier Partner status is based on ensuring that top advertising partners with demonstrable skills are at the heart of Google’s advertising network. There are some advantages to gaining Google Premier Partner status, including:

Executive business training

New business strategy consulting

Invitation to the Annual Partners summit

Dedicated account management

Receiving Premier Partner status effectively means that an advertising agency is able to improve even further on their services, ensuring that their clients’ adverts are even more visible and likely to succeed. The future requirements for a Google Partner badge include being in the top 3% of advertising organisations, so you know you’ll receive a level of quality you can trust.

Why use a Google Premier Partner?

By making use of a Google Premier Partner’s services, you know you’ll be getting a service that you can rely on to provide a high level of quality. Being able to offer optimised and reliable advertising is one of the prerequisites of becoming a Premier Partner, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the service you receive will get your products seen.

With the additional benefits that agencies receive as Premier Partners, they are able to use support and data obtained directly from Google in order to get a competitive edge in the development of campaigns. Whether these campaigns are organic and designed to spread through user interaction or you have a greater focus on paid campaigns, the data offered by Google can push your campaigns to the next level.

Why choose is one of the UK’s primary digital psychology-based and data-driven SEO firms, based in Lancaster with an office in London. Our experienced team members have demonstrated our quality time after time, allowing us to access Google Premier Partner status in the first place. In addition to our work surrounding Google Ads, we work on alternative platforms too, including:

Website management services

WordPress SEO

Magento SEO

Amazon ads management

All of these services are directly transferable to tailoring Google Ads to target audiences and ensuring that your range of products is put in front of as many eyes as possible. Good SEO can be at the heart of business growth, and are SEO experts you can trust.

How can I contact

If you’re interested in using’s services as a Google Premier Partner, get in touch with the team today by calling us on 0800 955 6684 or filling out our contact form. We can discuss your digital campaign and help you to establish a reliable strategy for your Google Ads.