Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

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Exciting Opportunity for Cumbria Businesses

novi.digital is happy to announce an opportunity for Cumbria-based businesses to receive a subsidy of up to £2,000.

This subsidy is provided by the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and is for consultancy sessions focused on business growth and competitiveness.

Among the examples they’ve pointed out of this are:

Applying for Your Subsidy

Applications must go through the Cumbria Chamber’s Growth Hub. novi.digital has worked closely with the Growth Hub in the past, with our Managing Director leading training sessions organised by them. We would be more than happy to help you with applications to use this subsidy for novi.digital consultancy services.

Drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know you’d like to be part of this opportunity. We’ll get straight to work helping you to apply.

While all businesses can benefit from developing stronger SEO or PPC strategies to expand their reach and increase their market share, this subsidy stresses competitiveness.

This makes it especially useful for companies working in Cumbria’s busiest industries, including:

  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Nuclear & Energy

About the Growth Hub and novi.digital

The Growth Hub was set up in 2012 to replace the discontinued nationwide Business Link program. Along with the Greater Manchester Chamber’s Growth Hub, these were so successful that the scheme has been adopted across the country.

novi.digital is one of the sixty hand-picked businesses called on by the Growth Hub for one-to-one support, advice, and mentoring for companies in need in the area. Our business – and our focus – is built around helping other companies to grow, making us a natural fit.

Since its creation, the Growth Hub has supported an estimated 6,800 businesses. Will you be the next? Contact us and we’ll help you get the application process started.

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