PPC Services in Vancouver

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Our PPC Services in Vancouver are designed to help businesses from all areas make the most of their online advertising. The online world is more competitive than ever, and our team of experts understands how your business must place itself to be seen by your target audience.

PPC can be difficult for even the most experienced marketers to understand and maintain, so at novi.digital we will work as part of your team to really understand your business and create something bespoke which will elevate your online campaigns and ensure customers are getting in touch with your business.

How does our PPC Service work?

Firstly, we will work through a questionnaire with you. This questionnaire gives us all the information we can possibly need to ensure that the campaigns we create work for you and your customers. This questionnaire will help us establish a budget, your aims, and any insights you might have into advertising schedules (advertising to business clients between 9-5, for example).

We will then discuss a range of different elements of digital advertising; we will find out what is important for you and what you’d like to achieve from your campaign. Then, with all the information about your goals and must haves – we will start auditing your site to see if there are any fixes needed or whether we can make any improvements to help your ads be even more successful. It also ensures that any tracking code we implement is working correctly, so we get an accurate picture of how many visits and conversions you are getting to your site.

Once we have all the information and know your site is ready, we then consult with you about which advertising platform to use. We work primarily with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads), and Facebook Ads which are the most popular platforms, but we do work with a variety of other platforms too. Based on your answers to the questions above, we will recommend a platform that works for your goals; for example, Facebook ads work well for connecting with your potential customers at an earlier stage, but Google ads work better for connecting with customers at the time when they are most likely to buy.

novi.digital is committed to working as a part of your team and will collaborate with you to create some effective PPC campaigns which complement your existing marketing efforts. If you’ve already got some PPC campaigns running, we can still help you make the most of them…

PPC Audits and reports

We provide PPC audits and reports for clients who already have campaigns running but they may need some guidance on how to make them perform better. We can produce a detailed report on the performance of your existing campaigns and can provide you with actionable insights on how to improve your campaign based on our team’s knowledge and experience.

PPC Consultancy and Training

If your current marketing team has some PPC knowledge but you would like them to be upskilled and given more insights into creative effective PPC campaigns, we can provide bespoke training plans to help them improve their understanding.

We will work with you to see where there are any gaps in your team’s knowledge and ensure they leave the training confident in their ability to create an effective PPC campaign. novi.digital is experienced in running training courses in an accessible way and can tailor these to your exact business needs, and to the level of knowledge of your staff.

We can also act as consultants, giving you a fresh look at your PPC campaigns and leaving you with actionable insights as to where you can improve them. We will look at your existing campaigns in great detail to work out how you can make the most of it or can help you create something new with some pointers on what to include, targeting, and more.

PPC Management in Vancouver

At novi.digital, we use our own PPC Management software called “Captivise”- we’ve invested extensively in this and it is tried and tested to help us ensure we are running effective PPC campaigns for our clients.

Our commitment to high quality PPC services is shown by us investing in our own software, which allows us to make changes and run our client’s campaigns effectively. Our team is always monitoring our client’s ads and ensuring that they are performing well. If performance could be improved, they will tweak the campaigns until it is at optimum performance again. We know PPC is time consuming, so why not free up your marketing team and ensure that your PPC is being managed effectively by using our PPC services?

Throughout our PPC management, we will always work with you to keep making improvements to ensure we are helping you achieve your goals. We can also provide advice and answer questions from your marketing team should they need our support.

The novi.digital PPC services team

Our team is experts in their field, with decades of experience between them. Each team member has a Google Ads certification and as an agency, we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner. This partner status gives us exclusive access to Googles Premier agency support, and we can directly access the Google Ads team. Through our connections with Google, we receive insights, support, research, and beta testing all directly from Google – and we pass this knowledge directly onto our clients, so you remain ahead of the curve at all times! To retain Google Premier Partner status, we have to demonstrate continued client growth for all of our clients.

Our teamwork as an extension of your team, rather than disconnected as an external agency. Each member of our team has their own area of expertise in Digital Marketing and work together to provide stand out campaigns for all of our clients. We care deeply about our clients and work hard to ensure that they get the best possible return on investment. If you’d like to find out more about our services or start making the most of your PPC advertising budget, get in touch today at [email protected] and chat with our team about how we can help you boost your online presence.

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