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SEO Preston, Lancashire: We have been providing successful SEO and PPC services for the Preston and Lancashire area since 2009

As a PPC and SEO Agency in Lancashire, we understand that location matters. Preston is perfectly positioned to service the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas. The city of Preston currently offers its businesses significant growth potential, due to geography and transport connections. A lesser-known fact is that Preston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK.

Searching for “SEO Preston” and finding this page means you are very much aware of your need for a Lancashire SEO Agency. Finding an agency that can help you by fully understanding the area is crucial. We work in collaboration with North and West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, to support businesses based in and around Preston. If you are based in Preston, it’s likely that you’ll be very aware of the opportunities Preston can fofer. For those looking for a Lancashire Agency for SEO Preston or PPC Preston, we know the area and business community well. We are also local, meaning that it’s easy for us to meet with you!

To achieve success it is important to constantly improve your brand and search presence. If your customers aren’t aware that you exist then you cannot expect them to do business with you. As offline advertising declines and online searches grow, it is vital that your digital agency understands the specific needs of the customers in your area.

Why choose a local Lancashire Agency for SEO Preston or PPC Preston?

It is often claimed that as more business is done online and that the location of your service providers matters less. This isn’t necessarily true. Local SEO is particularly important if a significant amount of your business is local to you. It’s also about being able to keep in close contact. Alongside this, location can form part of your brand.

Since our beginnings in 2009, an increasing number of clients have chosen to work with us over their existing SEO or PPC agency. This is because, whilst previous agencies may have once achieved results, they don’t necessarily continue to do so. With advancements in the digital economy, it has never been more straightforward to work with clients from around the globe. Business doesn’t need to be done solely n the Preston and Lancashire regions. From SEO and PPC  to our more specialist services, we can help you to achieve the very best results, no matter the size or location.

How Does Work with Preston Businesses?

At Novi.Digital we believe that we’re at our best when we’re working toward your specific goals. We keep in close contact and like to have face-to-face meetings or video calls where possible. In doing so, we also ensure that we constantly educate our clients. Rather than focusing solely on the search engines, we investigate what that data actually means to your bottom line. 

As is often expected, when it comes to working with an agency based, an effective communication strategy is crucial. At, we are accustomed to communicating regularly with clients remotely or locally. Here are some of the core elements of our communication strategy with clients:

  • Teleconference Meetings – When beginning to work with a client, it is always best to put a face to a name. Through the use of Zoom, this could not be any easier. We also use Zoom/Teams for demonstrations through its real-time screen sharing capabilities.
  • Regular Phone Calls – While teleconference calls are particularly useful, phone calls are often the quickest way to discuss ongoing campaigns. For this reason, one of the first things we do is to discuss our mutual availability for scheduled calls. Doing this means that we are able to call one another without needing to plan ahead.
  • Email Updates – For more data-related updates on a campaign, we send out frequent emails so that you can monitor your campaign’s progress regularly. These updates also mean that conversations over the phone or meetings can reference shared data.
  • Travel – As an agency, we are accustomed to meeting a client’s needs by way of travel whenever required. Whilst this is rarely necessary, we understand that there can be situations where face-to-face is more beneficial.

What Benefits are there for Preston Businesses?

Working with a UK-based agency has a host of benefits. With our experience, accrued over several years, it is the combination of a client’s knowledge of their own audience with our experience that results in campaign success. This is because, having worked with companies from all around the globe and a huge range of sectors, we are able to build upon a business’s own experience with our own. This can result in entry into new markets and increased engagement with local, national and international audiences. As a Preston business, it may simply be that you are looking to diversify your audience across other English-speaking audiences. Through our work with clients, we are experienced in taking businesses from one location and helping to grow internationally. This is achieved in a much quicker timeframe than is normally possible when working with a local agency, through the use of our software. 

Why Choose Over a Local PPC or SEO Agency in Preston?

It is through our experience working with businesses based in countries from across the globe that we have, as an agency, built up a network of strategic partnerships that can be used for our clients from Preston and beyond:

  • PR and Offline Marketing Agencies.
  • Web Design Agencies.
  • Graphic Design Agencies.
  • Business Mentors and Advisors.
  • Existing Clients of

Whilst working with businesses on their SEO or PPC needs, we also love working with partners. As a result of our efficient and productive engagement with partners, we have been able to win many awards.

What’s Next?

To find out more about the services that we can provide for your Preston business, contact us via email or over the phone. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to go through any queries you may have about our services.

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