The Importance of an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

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The Importance of an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Integrated Digital Marketing ApproachOver the years, we’ve seen massive strides forward with the use of the internet as a means to conduct business. Our clients have comprehensive integrated digital marketing strategies, so that we can maximise their chance of returning a profit through their website. Throughout the past 5 years Novi.Digital have found that there are certain elements of digital marketing campaigns that need to be included in order to offer the best chance of succeeding with digital marketing.

A great digital marketing campaign will harness an integrated approach, with all methods being cohesive and striving to achieve the same goal. Your email marketing, social media campaigns, and website design should work alongside your PPC campaign, your SEO methods and your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) in order to achieve your conversion goals.

With the rise in use of tablets and mobile devices for browsing and buying, compatibility testing for a wide range of screen sizes, operating systems and browsers is becoming increasingly important. Ideally your digital marketing strategy will place just as much, if not more, importance on mobile devices and tablets than desktop PCs, to improve user experience.

This rise in use of mobile devices additionally highlights the need for you to utilise your website as a networking tool. You can use interactive media, such as videos to actively engage your consumers, which is almost imperative in sectors with returning customers, and will help to build up your business’ reputation.

By no means should you underestimate the importance of reviews when building up consumer confidence in your brand. If you have a number of positive reviews, this can be the deciding factor in achieving a sale and expanding your customer base.

In closing, an excellent integrated digital marketing campaign should focus on not only the implementation of technical strategies but most importantly engagement with your potential customer base, as well as offering them the best possible user journey in order to achieve your business goals.