Why did we start novi.digital?

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novi.digital – Leading the Digital Marketing Revolution

After years of experience working within the digital marketing industry, Managing Director Aaron Crewe became concerned with the bad practices that some SEO companies employed, such as making false promises and creating unreasonable expectations. In 2009, knowing that the SEO industry could be better, he founded SEO24/7, the company that would go on to become novi.digital, and resolved to make it a company that helped others thrive by being open, honest and enthusiastic in helping clients to succeed.

From the beginning, novi.digital have been transparent in our practices, building trust in client relationships by being clear about what we do and how we do it, helping many of our clients to achieve success. Since then, the good faith that we have built up with our clients has helped spread the word, and as more clients come to us looking for honest solutions in the field of Inbound Marketing, novi.digital continues to show the world what it is made of.

Our Practices

Before founding the company Aaron had spent a lot of time in Canada, Vancouver in particular, where he picked up a lot of the ideas and techniques that eventually became novi.digital common practice. In Canada, Aaron found that business was conducted in an open, friendly and helpful manner, remaining competitive and forward thinking but without the self-interested nature that he was used to seeing. When starting his own company, Aaron determined to make this openness, strategic thinking and willingness to share a core part of the service, and the main selling point of novi.digital.

novi offers more than just a friendly smile though. As well as a lot of hard work put in by our team, we offer you the service that you’re really after, not the one you’re told you should be after. Keywords, page rankings, site visits, time on page, these are all just numbers and tools which we analyse to reach the goals you set – whether it’s direct ecommerce, encouraging enquiries or even just increasing awareness.

Many companies will offer to increase these numbers for you, often for an incredibly low price. There’s a reason they can make this low price offer, and it’s because those techniques don’t really work! novi.digital focus on the real goals of your company, not meaningless numbers, and our clients will all tell you the successes they have seen because of it. When you work with novi.digital, you’re working with a company that has a lot of experience and knows how to get the job done.

Supporting Local Business and Local Charities

red-rose-awardsAs a long-time resident of Lancaster, and a member on the board of directors for Lancaster’s Chamber of Commerce, Aaron is deeply interested in helping local businesses to thrive. Alongside novi.digital’s commitment to helping local businesses increase revenue through digital marketing, he seeks to improve connections between all businesses in and around Lancaster, especially technology and marketing based SMEs.

novi.digital strongly encourages building links between local businesses, always happy to recommend one client’s services to another, and has benefited from similar recommendations of its own services in the past.

In March 2014, novi.digital were also announced as winner of the Marketing Business of the Year category in Lancashire Business View’s Red Rose Awards, having competed for the honour of recognition against some other of Lancashire’s best businesses. Being recognised as Lancashire’s number one marketing company caused spirits to soar in the novi.digital team.

Always Looking Forward and Outward

As we continue to grow, novi.digital is always looking to the future, thinking about how we can improve our services for you, set up our team members for success and offer value to the world around us. As a company, our goals for the future are:

  • Help more and more businesses, both locally and internationally
  • Improve our service offering with in-house development of professional SEO software
  • Continue to encourage good practices within the SEO and Digital Marketing industry
  • Be recognised as leaders in the field of Digital Marketing

Although there is a lot of hard work ahead of us, we are well on our way to meeting every goal we have set ourselves and look forward to setting ever-more-ambitious goals for the future.