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6 PPC Mistakes to Avoid Immediately

6 PPC Mistakes to Avoid Immediately

Insight · February 17th, 2020

Pay per click marketing or PPC marketing is a marketing tool designed to drive traffic to websites. The model is an advertiser who will run an ad and pay a publisher per click on the ad.

This popular form of advertising can be extremely profitable, but it can also be disastrous when implemented incorrectly. In this article, we're going to cover 6 common PPC mistakes advertisers make and explain why they should be avoided at all costs.

1) Using Too Broad Keywords

A common mistake PPC advertisers make is setting their keywords to be too broad. When it comes to PPC marketing, the general rule is the broader the keywords, the higher the PPC will be, and the fewer conversions you'll get.

For example, if you run a graphic tee store, simply setting your keyword to "tee shirts" is a surefire way to drive your costs through the roof. EVERYONE is bidding on broad keywords. Instead, find hyper-targeted keywords specifically relevant to your business in particular.

Focus your reach by stringing together words and phrases or targeting your companies name specifically. This will decrease your odds of starting a bidding war with other advertisers and will help keep your PPC costs down.

When it comes to advertisers looking to run a cost-effective campaign, keyword specificity is key. Finding specific keywords highly relevant to your business will help keep your PPC costs low and improve your chances of converting visitors into customers.

2) Bad Website Design

OK, you've run a great - 6 PPC Mistakes to Avoid Immediately

People are clicking through excited to make a purchase.

But wait, nobody's buying anything! Why could this be?

Chances are if you're experiencing a high click-through rate and not generating any sales something is wrong with your website. If you're advertising a specific product, make sure you're linking directly to the advertised product and not your general landing page.

People have short attention spans, and they aren't likely to stick around and search for your product if you don't immediately present it to them. A solid website should be clean, easy to navigate and look professional.

Running a great ad with a terrible and clunky website is counterproductive to generating sales. Remember, if customers hate your website, no amount of marketing dollars will fix that. At that point, you're throwing money down the drain.

Imagine paying people to walk into a terribly lit store where they can't find anything they're looking for, and the customer service staff is completely unhelpful or nonexistent. That's essentially what you're doing when you drive traffic to a poorly designed website.

If you're generating leads but aren't generating sales, take the time to develop a solid website before throwing more money into marketing.

3) Not Setting Negative Keywords

A common mistake many marketers make is not setting negative keywords in their ad campaign. Negative keywords will help filter out irrelevant searches and create more profitable PPC's and increase your overall chances of boosting conversions.

What are negative keywords?

These are irrelevant keywords you can set to be filtered out of search results. For example, if you're selling men's running shoes, you can set "women's running shoes" as a negative keyword to be filtered out of search results.

Negative keywords will help narrow your results and improve the overall performance of your ad, ensuring you reach the right people and filter out the irrelevant ones.

4) Not Using Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords help advertisers specifically target users and can dramatically improve an ads PPC cost as well as conversion rate. Long-tail keywords are keywords strung together as a phrase and have a lower chance of being bid on due to their specificity.

Broad keywords are dominated by industry leaders, so for a small marketer to remain competitive, it is important for them to be creative by utilizing long-tail keywords that specifically target their audience.

Sure, they might generate fewer click-throughs than broader keywords. Still, when done correctly, long-tail keywords can prove to be a cost-effective method of generating hyper-targeted quality leads. It's a classic case of quality over quantity, and, when implemented correctly, it can provide that competitive edge that helps a small company go up against the behemoths in their space and stay competitive.

5) Not Targeting Location

Location, location, location!increase-website-revenue-600x440 - 6 PPC Mistakes to Avoid Immediately

Location targeting is an integral part of running a successful ad campaign, especially for businesses offering local services or goods. The last thing you want is your ad showing up to people halfway across the world who have no intention or capability of purchasing or using your product.

Even if your website can sell globally, it's still almost always a good idea to target specific locations. Different markets require different marketing strategies, and going too broad is virtually always going to be a waste of money.

Do your market research, find your target audience, and target them specifically. Location targeting will help increase sales and conversions as well as filter out unwanted clicks and keep your targeted customers relevant.

6) Using Too Many Keywords

Sometimes, less is more. A common mistake many marketers make is listing too many possible keywords. Sometimes, it's better to keep a small group of top keywords rather than a list of thousand keywords when only a handful of them perform.

You don't want to spread yourself out too thin.

Focus on quality over quantity, and your budget will go a lot further (especially if you don't have a large marketing budget). Don't try to bid on everything. If you're only looking to generate leads for a specific part of your business, focus your keywords on that part of your business.

Avoid tangentially related keywords and keep your focus narrowed. Don't try to go for every single keyword you think could be related to your business, or you can quickly find yourself an inch deep and a mile wide.

Clutch Names in the top 10% of leading B2B UK Service Providers

Clutch Names in the top 10% of leading B2B UK Service Providers

Insight · January 23rd, 2020

04b646d7277d1e28cbf6700c3de83690 - Clutch Names in the top 10% of leading B2B UK Service Providers

Here at, we know it can be stressful and time consuming to juggle your business’ growing needs while also trying to provide top marketing techniques to catch the eye of your target customer. That’s where we fit into things! We’re an award-winning data-driven digital marketing agency. We have a penchant for business strategy, and provide research, consultancy, analysis services to help you thrive. Our SEO and PPC campaigns are first in class and have helped companies across the globe make their mark.

In light of our success, we’ve been named one of the top UK agencies by Clutch, a B2B verified research authority. We’ve been recognized for our highly impactful and brand building pay-per-click campaigns, and we’re excited that our hard work has paid off!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our lovely customers for helping us win this award. They participated in one on one client interviews to assess how we’ve performed along the lines of quality, attention to project timelines, and overall value for their financial investment. We’re proud to report that we’ve achieved a wonderful 4.6 out of five stars from our clients thus far! Please take a look at one of our recent reviews below from Environmental Consultants Group, one of our clients based out of London:

img - Clutch Names in the top 10% of leading B2B UK Service Providers

For those who are unfamiliar with Clutch, they’re a B2B market research firm that employs a one of a kind research methodology towards comparing and contrasting leaders across industries. We’ve also received acclaim from their two sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest, a business data and how-to resource, lists us as one of the top SEO firms in London.

Thank you one and all for making this award possible! Please view our contact page and complete the form if you’d like to collaborate on a project today.

Call us today at 0800 955 6684 or send us an email at [email protected]

What is the difference between UK and Novi Digital Entertainment in India?

What is the difference between UK and Novi Digital Entertainment in India?

Insight · January 3rd, 2020

Every day, we receive dozens of requests from companies asking us to reinstate their videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, we cannot help, as and Novi Digital Entertainment in India are not the same company.

We are, an multi-award-winning digital agency providing SEO and PPC services. Novi Digital is also a name used by an altogether different company in India. Whilst our company is not a Mickey Mouse company, the company in India is! To explain further: and Novi Digital Entertainment in India – Here are the 3 main differences:

  1. Novi Digital in India is a company owned byStar India. Star India's parent company is Disney (the Mickey Mouse link should seem a little more obvious now). Star India and it's subsidiary company HotStar own the rights and copyright to many publications in India.

  1. in the UK and Novi Digital Entertainment are not connected in any way. This might seem obvious, but to be crystal clear: UK is a digital marketing agency. Novi Digital Entertainment is a media company. We make it as clear as we can when responding to the messages we receive. We have no affiliation with Novi Digital Entertainment, HotStar or Star India.

  1. Novi Digital in India is loss-making, whereas in the UK is profit-making: always has been and always will be.

In closing, now that we have made this clear on our website, should we encounter any mention, tagging, reporting or claims that we (as in Ltd – the UK entity) have in any way disapproved videos, we will ask for you to remove that content. This also extends to any mistaken connections with Novi Digital Entertainment. Our process will be to politely request removal of the erroneous content. If the content is not removed within 24 hours, we will follow with a defamation claim.

Additionally, we will be communicating with HotStar in India to request that they use a different name in association with their copyright claims. I am sure you appreciate that this is not a situation we have a lot of control over.

I’ve had a copyright claim from Novi Digital. What should I do?

Have you reached this page because your video has been disapproved or taken down by Novi Digital Entertainment? The above should clarify that this has not been our doing. Rather than communicating with us or leaving any comments on our media, we recommend contacting HotStar and Star India. Their email address is as follows:[email protected].

Google Improves Performance Reports With Search Console's Fresher Data Update

Google Improves Performance Reports With Search Console's Fresher Data Update

Insight · December 4th, 2019

For a long time, the number one request to Google from Search Console users like ourselves was better, fresher data in report. It turns out they listened! On Monday, Google announced the latest improvements to the Search Performance Report. But does Google mean by Search Console's fresher data? What are the benefits for us?

What is the update to Google Search Console?

These changes are crucial to webmasters, site owners and our clients. Now, Google is giving us more data to allow us to do the following:

  • View data as recent as less than a day old - in previous iterations Google limited the data to 3 day old data.
  • Better assess Search and Discover traffic.
  • Use content data to assess top and trending search queries for websites.
  • Drill down into what makes up a site's audience - countries, devices, and more.
  • Analyse what search formats our websites get. This ranges from article (AMP and non-AMP), recepies, carosels, livestreams, etc.

What is the benefit of Search Console's fresher data?

At, we provide data-driven in the digital marketing solutions we provide our clients. With this improved data output, we are now able to better track the performance of our client's websites.

For instance, we no longer need to wait until Wednesday to see the our client's website improvements from the weekend. With this change in Search Console, we're able to make immediate assessments first thing on Monday. This extends from customer-specific needs such as the launch of a new product, right the way to national holidays and global events.

This alsomeans that we're able to immediately see the positive impact of technical improvements. It's no secret that websites need constant maintainance to stay functional and protected. Between CMS updates, Google Algorithm changes and search trends shifting, it's vital that we stay on top of the curve. With the improved Search Console data feed, we're able to see the positive impact of our changes within 24 hours of implementing them.

Ready to benefit from Search Console's fresher data in your reports?

Being able to bring these changes to our reporting as part of our SEO and PPC services is extremely exciting. If you want to find out more about what this means and how we can use these changes to benefit your business, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. Call us today at 01524 566 736 or send us an email at [email protected]

10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Insight · December 4th, 2019

You've probably seen different guides on how to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). Alternatively, you're curious to know what every other person is doing concerning link building and SEO.

In an SEO survey, 41 percent of the executives find link building to be the most challenging SEO practice.1 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Since no one can claim to know all the factors that Google uses to rank websites, they can't explain the algorithms either. Hence, unfounded assumptions continue to make rounds in the SEO world.

Let’s explore ten myths that can hurt your SEO activities and make link building a chore.

1. High Domain Authority Compliments Good Backlinks

2 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image credit: Michael Callahan

Surely you must have heard this phrase.

Some people believe that a good backlink comes with high Domain Authority. But when you observe an increase in your ranking, is that good backlink the only factor?

Not at all!

You can use Domain Authority and Trust Flow to compare websites, but it doesn't affect your ranking on search engines. Albeit, it doesn't signal a good rank or tells you if a website is good for backlink building.

You'll have to consider other SEO factors while building links, such as:

  • Site relevancy
  • Trust flow and citation flow
  • Natural anchor text
  • Spam score
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Linking Domain high traffic value

2. You Must Spread the Links You've Built Over a Few Weeks or Months

3 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image Credit: GOV.UK Schools Fake Website Campaign

You might have been told to spread links over a few weeks or months, and your fear for Google’s penalty might have gotten the best of you. However, Google’s Penguin algorithm goes for sites that have unnatural links.

Don't be pushed into the mold of ten-links-a-day that businesses advertise. There's no specific quota. You'll only have to worry if your site looks spammy because Google would flag it for manual reviews.

Some websites have gained about a hundred natural backlinks overnight. Especially for viral contents that several publications picked up.

The point is that you don't need to worry about building many links in a short time if:

  • The links you pick are natural
  • Instead of getting many links, you focus on the quality of the links
  • Your overall backlinks are natural

3. Guest Posting for Link Building Is Dead

4 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image Credit: Joe The Goat Farmer

This myth assumes that if your SEO strategy involves guest posting, you must be dodgy. But that's not true. Albeit, you must be picky when choosing a website to post on.

For a rich guest blog, you want to make sure that

  • You’re posting on relevant websites
  • The website has a strongly-established loyal audience
  • You aren't paying for the links you get
  • The content is long-form and meaningful (don't post contents with spun words)
  • The website isn't part of a Private Blog Network, PBN (these sites or blogs are formed to build links to a sales page without providing value)

Don't expect great results when your guest post doesn’t meet the above requirements.

4. Nofollow Links Implies Zero Link Juice

5 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Some leading websites automatically mark external links with the rel=“nofollow” attribute to tell Google not to follow them. You might have heard that these links have no link juice. Albeit, certain factors show that no-follow links produce some results in SEO.

  • They're useful for your backlink profile
  • Even no-follow links drive traffic
  • They still have a certain level of link juice because Google knows that they exist
  • A no-follow link helps in building website authority
  • They're part of organic natural link profiles

In addition to the rel=“nofollow” Google recently introduced additional no-follow link attributes.

  • The rel=“ugc” identifies links that are within user-generated content, and
  • rel=“sponsored” identify links that you create for sponsorship or advertising

5. Links from Wikipedia and .edu Sites Boast Abnormal Ranking Power

6 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It's believed that if you can get even a single link from any Wikipedia or .edu page, your ranking would sky-rocket. That's not true.

Though these sites rank high, they get the same treatment that other websites are subject to. You can't afford to rely on links from these sites as your only SEO strategy.

In response to this misconception, a Google representative, Gary Illyes stated that Google ranks Wikipedia just like other websites.

7 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

This goes a long way to say no website receives special treatment when it comes to Google ranking.

So the advice is to consider a combination of SEO metrics when building links. Your focus should be to identify other authoritative sites and diversify.

6. More Backlinks is Better for Link Building

You must have heard comments like, "build more links, it’s always good for SEO." But from all you've heard so far, you know that isn't true.

The reason is simple. You're an average of the friends you keep.

This also affects link building because if the majority of links you have are from websites with a DA of 10, you'll also fall within that range too. But don't be discouraged if your rating has dropped as well. You can still remove them by submitting a disavowal request.

When you disavow a backlink, Google sees that you don't want to be associated with the website in question. So from time to time, you should run an audit on your backlinks to stop low quality ranks from messing up your ranking journey.

7. External Links Matter More Than Internal Ones

8 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO
Image credit: Craig R. Kirkby

Your internal links would actually do you more good than external ones if you use them right.

Internal links create a connection between your weak and high ranking pages. What you do here is take the links of your pages that have good content but aren't ranking, and place them on your highly visited pages. But be strategic with the word or phrase you place the link on.

So when visitors land on the popular page, they're lured to the less popular pages through the links. Then you'll see your lazy pages begin to rank higher. This allows link power to flow while increasing your dwell time.

However, Google considers other ranking signals when it comes to external links.

8. More Keywords Would Rank You High on SERPs

It's true that using keywords can improve your SEO rank. But that doesn't mean that you should stuff your content with a lot of them. Keyword stuffing is easy to detect and can actually have a negative effect on your website's performance on search engines. SEO does a world of good to your business but only when done right.

No matter how well you think keyword density can boost your ranking, creating quality content is more effective.

9. Images and Videos Don't Affect SEO

9 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

To improve user experience, you might want to use images and videos that are lightweight on your website. You want to make sure that the images are relevant to the content and not just a decoration. In other words, your images or videos are part of the content.

So to say that they have no effect on your SEO isn't true. Once you're able to integrate your images or videos in a meaningful way, you'll boost your ranking.

For meaningful integration:

  • Only use videos or images if they’re relevant
  • Compress videos and resize images for better site speed
  • Don’t use too many colors
  • Search engines can't link an image directly to keywords, so use Alt-tags.

10. Avoid Communities: Forums, Blogs Comments, and Directories

10 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Image credit: William White

Black hat SEO takes advantage of blog comments, forums links, and directories to build backlinks. So this has given the strategy a bad reputation

When done correctly, however, your contents get more search rank which tends to increase traffic to your site.

But as you already know, not everything in the SEO world is that simple. You can't just drop links randomly and expect a speedy result. You don't want the link you build to put your reputation on the line.

To benefit from links you get from directories, forums and blog comments, pick a relevant website. For example, it makes sense when a beauty shop's website links to a cosmetic site.

Leave meaningful comments that show that you actually read the content. Not just the usual “wow!’ or “nice one!”

To Wrap Up

It’s easy to underestimate or overvalue SEO strategies.

That’s why you should filter out the truth from the lies. It’s only then that you’d know where to focus your attention.

11 - 10 Common Myths Surrounding Link Building and SEO

Tulip Turner -

Tulip is a Content and Inbound Marketing expert at Snewscms. Over the years, she has helped dozens of businesses in defining their content strategy. She believes that creativity doesn’t inspire customers anymore. A true story when recited well, is enough to build a connect.

Twitter - @snewscmss

Facebook - @snewscms

Clear Communication is What Sets Apart from the Competition

Clear Communication is What Sets Apart from the Competition

Insight · December 3rd, 2019

Search engine optimization is an extremely important concept and continues to grow in importance by the day. Here at, we are an award winning data-driven digital marketing agency that provides research, consultancy, analysis and managed services for SEO and PPC to clients across the UK and internationally. We have started to gain the recognition and market popularity that we dreamed about when we started this business. Recently, we were recognized by Clutch as the 1,000 best B2B service providers worldwide. With over 160,000 company profile listed on Clutch, the Clutch 1000 makes up the top 1% of companies due to the high number of positive reviews. Being acknowledged as one of the top UK marketing firms by Clutch has helped us gain popularity throughout the industry.

For those of you not familiar with Clutch, they are a top B2B ratings and reviews website based out of Washington, D.C. Clutch’s reliability and credibility has taken off within the last few years due to its trustworthy process to gain insight into their company ratings. Through market research and interviews with former clients, Clutch has been able to develop real life examples of thoughts and feelings of various companies and has gained increased validity in their industry. Below is an example of a positive review we gained from a past partner who needed help with SEO and PPC services.

“The most important thing that has done for us is a framework and clarity in what we should do next. I really appreciate their depth of knowledge, even if they push back on ideas that we have on our side. We have a very healthy working relationship. They steer my ambitions in the right direction.” – Senior Marketing Manager.

Clutch has been a real asset to achieving growth and for that we are extremely thankful. Furthermore, Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, named us one of the top London agencies with specialization in digital marketing and SEO. On top of that, Visual Objects, a portfolio sharing platform, recognized us as one of the top B2B companies in the UK.

We are extremely thankful for our increased market recognition due to our partnership with Clutch, The Manifest, and Visual Objects. We would not be where we are today without these businesses and the great people that work there. Cracking the list for the Clutch 1,000 is an incredible honor and only motivates us to continue to pursue our goals in becoming the best digital marketing company worldwide. If you have any questions regarding our business function and want to find out more, feel free to contact us!

The Best MailChimp Alternatives

The Best MailChimp Alternatives

Insight · November 20th, 2019

Behind any successful email marketing campaign is the right software. To refine your email marketing strategy for total efficiency, you’ll need access to the right tools. Core email features, like personalisation and analytics, are essential to your success. Popular ESPs like MailChimp, will grant you access to those tools. Lately, though, users have been considering other email marketing alternatives, which presents a new question: Which of the many MailChimp alternatives will provide me with the tools I need to succeed?

Why Seek MailChimp Alternatives?

Many marketers have been using MailChimp as their go-to for digital marketing campaigns. Because of this, many have noticed changes in its business model and service levels. Some of the biggest shifts occurring recently include the following:

Service Quality - Millions of MailChimp’s users scratched their heads when they experienced outages and connection interruptions. Some struggled to log into accounts, others reported pages loading slow, and many couldn’t contact customer support.

Integration Losses - MailChimp recently lost one of their biggest integration partners due to disagreements about data privacy. Shopify, which powers a multitude of e-commerce stores around the globe was one of the lost integrations.

Pricing Problems - This is possibly the biggest frustration for some users. MailChimp changed pricing models for all free and premium users, imposed limits on key features. and required users to pay for unsubscribed contacts. They also hiked prices for legacy customers, many of whom were not informed.

Luckily, MailChimp isn’t the only tool out there that can get the job done right. Many software providers exist, offering the same features as MailChimp. It’s a matter of finding the perfect match for your organisation’s unique goals, processes, and budget. Here are some of our picks for the best MailChimp alternatives around.

5 of the Best MailChimp Alternatives

Never neglect your campaign’s goal when choosing a potential email marketing provider. They go a long way in assisting conceptualisation. A good MailChimp alternative will have all the features you need to achieve that goal.

Below is a list of five popular email service providers with descriptions to help you make the most informed choice.

1. Campaign Monitor

campaign-monitor - The Best MailChimp Alternatives

CampaignMonitor serves more than 250,000 customers worldwide and sends out millions of emails each day. The platform’s signature features are its visual journey builder and customisable drag-and-drop email creator.

The visual journey builder uses similar techniques to drag-and-drop email layout creation but goes a step further with custom automation triggers. Users can map out a multi-step customer journey for campaigns—all in one place.

The drag-and-drop email builder offers mobile-responsive templates that are easily customizable. But, if users also want a more granular look into the back end of their email, it’s also possible to edit the code.

It also offers flexible pricing plans and advanced tools for higher subscriptions.

One user review says: “ CampaignMonitor is easy to use and accessible for every employee regardless of their skillset. The client service team responds quickly when there are issues to be resolved.”

2. GetResponse

getresponse - The Best MailChimp Alternatives

GetResponse is another popular email tool. It offers both small business and enterprise-level plan options. They’re best at catering to smaller businesses because of their massive library of responsive email templates. They also offer a drag-and-drop email builder and the option to access the email’s code for further customisation.

GetResponse also provides integrations with many other programs. It's ideal for businesses that already have software solutions in place. This ranges from e-commerce such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy, to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, to full marketing CRM solutions like HubSpot, and more.

For users who are on the search for robust data and analytics, GetResponse is the way to go. According to one user review, “One of the things that I like the most is its reporting and statistics functions since they are very detailed, easy to understand and provide enough data to understand what works best for our landing pages and which campaigns need a readjustment in the strategies to generate more conversions.”

3. ConstantContact

constantcontact - The Best MailChimp Alternatives

Do you often struggle with digital marketing methods and need time to get your bearings? ConstantContact is a good MailChimp alternative for users who find it difficult to analyse and time-consuming to learn. Although ConstantContact trades away some more advanced features, it works well for smaller businesses and nonprofits.

Customers are happiest with this ESP when sending batch-and-blast newsletters. It also assists you in creating your own website and landing pages and has the option to integrate “donate” buttons into emails.

ConstantContact also encourages learning, offering regular training sessions and webinars for their users. As reviewer Stephanie H. puts it: “I think Constant Contact is a really straightforward software suite that even the most tech-averse clients will be able to figure out and use to its fullest extent. There are many organizations who are simply looking to keep in regular contact with clients or potential donors (as in our case), and Constant Contact is a simple, clean interface that allows us to communicate with volunteers and donors on a regular basis.”

4. Emma

emma - The Best MailChimp Alternatives

Looking for an email marketing provider tailored to your specific industry? Emma might be the one. It caters closely to multi-location businesses and franchises, especially gyms, universities and restaurants. Emma is unique in that it was designed collaboratively with a client-turned-partner. “The fact that I can manage 2,000 accounts from one dashboard is fantastic,” says one customer.

Though, if you're looking for transactional emails or feedback survey materials, opt out of this option. Emma doesn’t provide these features. But it does have an email approval feature that locks locations to their associated pre-approved design elements. Many marketers handling each franchise spot aren’t bogged down by unnecessary approvals. Email creation and delivery are much more streamlined.

It also offers up hundreds of integration partners and automation and personalisation features—e central to campaign-building.

5. AWeber

unnamed - The Best MailChimp Alternatives

AWeber’s selling points are affordability and simplicity. That's echoed in user reviews: “If you are a small business owner, AWeber provides a simple and cost-effective tool to build relationships with your target market.”

Mentioned in reviews and on their website is their award-winning customer support team. They hold many live demonstrations of the product to assist customers. Their assortment of help articles makes it easy to set up and get started.

Wrap Up

Are you thinking of making the switch? What do you think about all the options above? Choosing a new email marketing provider will eventually mean going through an adjustment period. It’s likely that many of the best alternatives to MailChimp have a radically different UI. They might even lack features you’re used to.

If you’re on the fence, many tools offer free demos and trials. Narrow the list down, test what you’re interested in, and see for yourself. If a test campaign does well, you have a winner.

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency Secure Harrison Brook as a Client

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency Secure Harrison Brook as a Client

Insight, Uncategorised · September 9th, 2019

Data-driven and psychology-focused agency, who was recently acknowledged by B2B review platform Clutch as being in the top 1% of the UK’s B2B PPC and SEO service providers, has acquired Harrison Brook as a client after being referred for their digital expertise.

Who are Harrison Brook?

Having agreed to a PPC management retainer, will be helping to shape Harrison Brook’s digital marketing strategy and streamline their online service promotions.

As the world’s leading international transparent fee-based broker of expat financial services and products, Harrison Brook specialises in providing advice to expats all over the world. The company helps with UK pension transfers, life insurance, foreign exchange solutions and international mortgages.

With the ramifications of Brexit and the growth of people moving abroad to find work, many expats face an uncertain future about their finances. Harrison Brook is focused on removing inequality in the expat market by offering transparent advice and providing customers with access to cost-effective international financial services like investment and retirement planning. will apply its PPC and SEO knowledge to Harrison Brooks and look to strengthen the company’s connection to the expat community in a post-Brexit world.

Ongoing client wins and successes’s acquisition of Harrison Brook continues a period of steady growth for the agency. In addition to becoming a part of the NHS affiliated Mindful Employer initiative, added new clients CrowdProperty, Herbalife Nutrition and Cox Motor Group to its portfolio.

CrowdProperty is a leading property peer-to-peer lending company that specialises in helping SME property professionals. Herbalife Nutrition is a world-renowned health organisation that is at the forefront of personalised nutrition, while Cox Motor Group supplies exceptional customer service to car and motorbike enthusiasts across the UK.

With the recruitment of new staff like Account Manager Jessica Mitchell, will continue to expand and refine its approach to digital marketing. The organisation is committed to delivering high-quality results for all clients.

ENDS is a multi-award winning B2B and B2C specialist SEO and PPC agency serving clients across the globe. Psychology-focused and data-driven, the agency focuses on developing new marketing techniques and technology innovation to achieve success in partnership with their clients. becomes a part of the Mindful Employer Charter becomes a part of the Mindful Employer Charter

Insight · July 30th, 2019 joins the NHS trust affiliated charter that is dedicated to positive mental health in the workplace.

Psychology-focused and data-driven, who wasrecently recognised by B2B review platform Clutchas being in the top 1% of the UK’s B2B, SEO and PPC service providers and for its integrity and professionalism, has joined the Mindful Employer Charter as part of its mission to improve mental wellbeing for staff.


By signing the charter for Employers who are Positive about Mental Health, aims to destigmatise the conversation surrounding mental wellness in the workplace. The charter is a part of the Mindful Employer campaign, which is focused on spreading awareness about mental health at work and supporting organisations in the growth and retention of staff.

Launched in 2004, Mindful Employer is run by the Devon Partnership NHS trust. As a UK wide initiative, Mindful Employer provides businesses across the country with access to practical support, training and guides for employee advocacy.

The training resources that Mindful Employer provides is extensive, covering topics like depression, learning disabilities and health conditions.


Through signing the charter, has agreed to uphold the Mindful Employer values of providing non-judgement support to staff who are experiencing mental ill-health and to be an equal opportunities recruiter of new staff in accordance with the 2010 Equality Act.’s Managing Director Aaron Crewe is focused on the continuous improvement of employee wellness policies and feels that Mindful Employer can help to achieve that.

“Joining the charter is an obvious step in our company journey as it aligns with our business focus of putting people first. At Novi, we believe that everyone should find satisfaction in their work, which is why we continually improve upon our already existing measures to ensure positive wellbeing for all of our team members.”

The agency has been granted access to a variety of helpful mental health information and workshops. The training programmes range from learning how to be a mindful manager, to learning about Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) and applying it to the work setting. All classes are designed to improve understanding of common mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

In addition, will make use of the publications that Mindful Employer provides, like the line manager guide to understanding mental health.

A year ofexcellent client acquisitionsat the agency has led to several new hires, with recently welcoming digital marketing executive Matthew Selby and account manager Jessica Mitchell. As part of the Mindful Employers charter, will continue to support the emotional wellness of all staff and work towards building a mindful environment. Acknowledged by Clutch as one of the Leading Google Ads Agencies Acknowledged by Clutch as one of the Leading Google Ads Agencies

Insight · June 19th, 2019

At, we emphasise the importance of putting people first and making sure our communication is crystal clear with our clients. We do this to create the best possible product for our clients, and while this may seem very simple, it has been incredibly effective for our clients in the UK and abroad. The positive effects of adword companies on businesses around the globe are being seen more and more with each passing day, making the work we do incredibly important not only to our clients but also to the global economy. After being reviewed by Clutch as one of the Top Google Adwords Agencies we are incredibly proud to see the success of our mission-oriented company that always puts the people involved and our customer first.

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“Their overall professionalism, integrity, and trustworthiness are impressive.” - Executive PA/Marketing Manager, 3-1-5 Health Club

“The team demonstrated a vast wealth of knowledge in their specialist areas, which allows you to trust any decisions and suggestions they put forward.” - Senior Sales Engineer, Mainstage

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